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Makes you sad doesn't it? That there's so much hatred in the world?
~ Shrignold to The Yellow Puppet.

Shrignold the Butterfly is the main antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3. Throughout the video, he attempted to teach the Yellow Guy the meaning of love.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3

The video opens up with the three puppets having a picnic. Red Guy says "Isn't it nice to finally be outside on such a beautiful day?" and duck responds "Yes, and I've packed us a delicious chicken picnic!" as he says this he lifts up the lid of the basket to reveal raw chicken. Yellow Guy starts to laugh as a butterfly flys around him. Duck Guy then kills the butterfly, calling it a "pesky bee" when it landed on a piece of chicken. This makes Yellow Guy sad, and he runs away. After he leaves, Red Guy says "He seems upset about something, I wonder what will happen." Yellow guy is then seen sitting on a tree branch, sobbing, and this is where he is visited by Shrignold the Butterfly, and Yellow Guy calls him a "little baby pigeon". The butterfly then teaches him a lesson about love. After a bit, we hear the Duck Guy saying "Oh look, there he goes, flying through the sky." Red Guy suggests that they follow him so they don't get left behind, but Duck says he'd like to eat the chicken, and Red agrees, saying "I'd also like to eat the chicken, let's do that instead."

Shrignold later introduced Yellow guy to his friends, a group of puppets known as the Love Cultists. Yellow Guy started listing off the things he loves, but Shrignold cuts him off and says "No no no, that's not how it's done, you must save your love for your special one." and the cultists talk about how everyone has a special one. Yellow Guy then says "Even me? But I am lonely." Shrignold told him that's ok, and he then told Yellow guy the story about Michael. Michael was a boy who lived in a cave because everybody thought he was ugly and weak, and they called him a freak. Shrignold used the story of Michael to explain that everyone has a special one. The Butterfly then invited the Yellow Puppet into joining their group, but he had to clear his mind and change his name in order to join. Shrignold told Yellow about their "king" Malcolm, whom they feed gravel. The Butterfly and the other cult members then proceeded to strap yellow into a chair, they then told him to wear a ring, but before they could get him to put it on, he woke up. Red Guy and Duck Puppet later found Yellow guy (who was still on the tree branch), they apologized and proceeded to give him the last egg from the picnic. The egg then hatches, revealing a caterpillar with blood on it, who upon hatching, calls Yellow guy "father" and it's then promptly killed by Duck Puppet, who calls it a "pesky bee" like he did with the butterfly from earlier.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

Shrignold makes a brief appearance in the sixth and final episode. When the Red Guy was fumbling with the machine, Shrignold briefly appears; revealing that he was a program most likely created by Roy.

Possible Symbolism

Fans speculate that the video symbolizes the ways we are teaching kids how they should love. The underlying message seems to be about marriage and religion. There are a few facts supporting this theory: Some people believe the Love Cultists represent some Christians' anti-gay activism. Examples include: When the cultists talk about The Yellow Guy's "special one" they say "(she's) made for him" and "(he's) made for her" "that's the way it's always been" and "it's perfect and it's pure" and "it's protected by a (ring)". Two gravestones are shown as they say this and both of the gravestones have a Christian cross on top of them, this could be another reference to the Christians' anti-gay activism. The changing of the name might represent the changing of the last name of a person getting married. Some fans believe that Malcolm represents god and how they should praise him which is seen as providing him with gravel and also never go against him or they will be subject to his anger. The baby caterpillar at the end might represent abortion.




  • He is the first and only teacher to not be based on an inanimate object.
  • He is the only teacher in the series to not mention, or seem to intentionally avoid mentioning, the colour green.


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