Shudde M'ell is a Great Old One that first appeared in Brian Lumley's 1969 short story Cement Surroundings. He is the regent of the Chthonian, giant massive burrowing worm-like creature, and possibly even one of them.


Not much is known of Shudde M'ell's history, except that he resides on Earth, burrowing through the planet, melting all rocks in it's wake with the odd accid he produces.

It is speculated that the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was caused by him.

In ancient times there were cults that worshipped Shudde M'ell, though it is unknown if there any currently active on Earth.


Shudde M'ell resembles a giant grey worm, that is over a mile long, that has tentacles for a head. He produces odd accid which melts the stone in his way.

He can cause an earthquake 3.5 on the Richter scale, within a radius of 7 km, which can lead to disasters.


  • Shudde M'ell is not a creation of Lovecraft himself, a but a later additon by English horror-fiction writer Brian Lumley.
  • Could be based somewhat on the sandworms of Frank Herbert's Dune-series.
  • Resembles somewhat another Great Old One called Rlim Shaikorth.


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