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Shula is a minor antagonist in Dragon Ball, being a minor antagonist in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

He was voiced by Toshio Furukawa in Japanese and John Burgmeier in English.


Shula is powerful demon who lives in the Demon realm. He opened the entrance to the Demon realm and kept it open by wedging his so called cursed sword in it's door leading to many of his followers tormenting the nearby kingdom in Fiend Village ruled by King Kress. Shula eventually took interest in the King's daughter Princess Misa and wanted to merry her so he kidnapped her.

Around that time, Goku, who was travelling around the world as part of his training for the next tournament was passing by Fiend Village and was asked by King Kress to free his daughter. As Shula was having a party for his wedding with Misa, Goku confronted him and challenged him to a fight. Afetr seeing him beating some of his minions, Shula accepted the challenge and joined the fight. Shula proved to be too strong and fast for Goku, as the young Saiyan couldn't even touch him. However, Goku was able to find his only weakness, his weakness to bright light as the Demon World has never seen bright light before and thus Shula is not used to it. Goku fired a Kamehameha, and even though Shula managed to block it very easily with a punch it blinded him giving Goku a chance to beat him and free Princess Misa. Shula then ordered his minions to chase after Goku who escaped with Misa but they failed. Shula didn't punish his minions but invited them to the party. He was never mentioned or shown again.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being an anime-only character Shula was by far the strongest character in Dragon Ball at that point as he was able to easily best Goku, who was in the progress of training and had already defeated powerful fighters such as Tao Pai Pai, Assistant Black, Bandages the Mummy, and Spike the Devil Man before. It's not clear how strong he would be compared with later characters such as Tenshinhan or King Piccolo.


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