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Soul Calibur IV boss

"All show and no go!" - Shura from Soul Calibur IV

"That didn't satisfy me at all!" - Shura

Shura is a minor villainess in the video game Soul Calibur IV. She plays the role of a minor boss in the game's story mode. As well as she is a usable character in the vs modes. She only appears in Soul Calibur IV and her weapons are a pair of twin blades that are quite thin looking but really pack a punch. Her weapon style is similar to that of Cervantes who is a minor villain in the Soul Calibur video game series. Based on her appearance she has long black hair, dark eyes, light skin, and wears some type of ninja outfit in the game. She seemed to be cocky and never wanted her opponents to leave.


  • She was similar to Shiki from Samurai Shodown series.