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Siarnaq is a boss character and an antagonist from Mega Man ZX: Advent. He is a Biomatch for Model P and is selected to compete in the "Game of Destiney" in order to become the next Mega Man.


Siarnaq appears to be almost lifeless, as his personality and speech patterns are monotone and robotic (for example, when asking to "INPUT RESPONSE" and declaring "IMCOMPREHENSIBLE"). Even his Japanese voice almost always uses katakana, which is typically used to imply or mechanical or monotone voice in that language.

Although Siarnaq's largely emotionless, he does appear to have a slightly sadistic side, as shown after his defeat by Grey/Ashe, he can be heard laughing dementedly. This laugh can vary between the American version and Japanese version: In the American version, Siarnaq will make an evil laugh in a robotic and monotonous voice, thus showing a cold and robotic personality. Whereas in the Japanese version, he will laugh in a deranged and unsettling laugh, suggesting that he could be unstable and insane.

In his disk that further supports this: Siarnaq's personality could be the aftermath of his past, where he was betrayed by his allies.


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