Sibini is a villain from Xiaolin Showdown.


Through Chase Young's conversation with the Sibini-possessed Clay we learn that Sibini was last released 1,000 years ago.

“A thousand and one, but who’s counting?” Sibini retorted through Clay.

Chase Young also revealed later that Sibini was simply a minor nuisance. Sibini sought to play only minor pranks on others, as the possessed Clay demonstrated by giving Jack Spicer everything from noogies to wet willies.


At the best of times, Sibini was maliciously causing sophomoric humor through pranks.

Physical Appearances

Often described as a cross between a tarantula and an earwig, Sibini had four eyes, two large, and two smaller ones above the main pair. There were two pointed horns on his head, and lesser pincers on his chin. The upper body was covered in a brown fur that extended over four of his pincer-tipped arms. The abdomen to the dual pronged tail mimicked his horns and were stripped in alternating tones of muted red and yellow. His biped legs were simple, but insect-like in appearance.

Powers and Weaknesses

In order for Sibini to cause mischief, he needed a host (or, possession of a human body). During a Xiaolin Showdown against Kimiko, he was able to morph himself into a bigger, physical state.

The Monarch Wings were the key to no longer needing a host. If he could to use the Monarch Wings, then he would be invincible.


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