Sid is the main antagonist of the poem and 2014 animated short film There's A Man in the Woods. He was the one responsible for the teacher's falling into madness.


The nameless narrator is a teacher at a school who once loved his students, even the troublesome Sid to an extent. However, Sid was someone who was greedy and whenever the teacher would allow his students to attend recess, Sid would try to hog all of the honeysuckles. One day, Sid began to claim that there was a homicidal maniac in the woods as a way of scaring off any of the other children from collecting honeysuckles. The teacher knew of Sid's true intentions but initially thought that nothing much would come from it. 

Word about the fictitious killer starts spreading throughout the town with many parents criticizing the school for not taking action about the accusations. This would lead to the teacher getting fired from his job because many of the parents refused to believe that their children could lie about the rumors. The teacher was unable to find work at any other school and was reduced to drinking heavily and taking drugs as a means of coping with his plight. Eventually, the teacher fell down the slippery slope and became vengeful towards his former student Sid.

The video ends with Sid collecting honeysuckles with no one else present. The teacher then reaches into his trench coat to presumably pull out a gun, becoming the titular man in the woods. There is no indication of what is to become of the teacher if he truly murdered Sid. The likeliest answer is him being sent to prison (or possibly a psyche-ward, considering his instability) for homicide or committing a murder-suicide - there is also the darkest scenario of the teacher becoming a spree-killer or serial-killer.. though none of these possible scenarios are played out (which arguably gives the ending a more shocking value).