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Sid Bunderslaw was one of the corrupt executives at Wayne Enterprises and a minor recurring antagonist in the TV series Gotham.

He was portrayed by Michael Potts.


Meeting Bruce Wayne

Sid Bunderslaw was the one who personally hired Reginald Payne to investigate what Bruce had on Wayne Enterprises' corruption, though it was the board who tasked him with the assignment.

Realizing Bunderslaw would keep his secrets in his company safe, Bruce devised a plan to steal his key, with the help of Selina Kyle at the Wayne Enterprises charity ball. Succeeding, Bruce planned to get to his safe while Bunderslaw was away on business the next day. So during a tour, he staged a fire drill to get everyone out.

Going into Bunderslaw's office, he tried to get to the safe. However, Bunderslaw himself turned up, having found the key was missing and realizing what was going on, and canceled his trip. However, rather than being angry, he cheerfully told Bruce he had expected this.

Bunderslaw then revealed that every generation of the Waynes at some point in there life had discovered their company was in fact corrupt for the last several decades. And every generation had been convinced to put up with it, as changing it was impossible, and the corruption simply brought them more money in the long run. Shocked by this revelation, Bruce left.


Sid was abducted by Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean for Theo and Tabitha Galavan. The pair of them question him over the illegal activities at Wayne Enterprises and when he refuses he has his eye cut out, which was later used by the Pike brothers to access Wayne Enterprises during a heist.

In a meeting with Bruce Wayne Theo tells him that Sid went missing and that it does not look so good.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "Under the Knife"
  • "The Anvil or the Hammer"

Season 2

  • "Rise of the Villains: Scarification"


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