Siege is a supporting antagonist of the Disney TV series The Mighty Ducks. He is the second-in-command of Lord Dragaunus (the leader of the Saurians), bent on helping the latter take over Puck World and Earth at all costs.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown.


As the military right-hand & second-in-command to Dragaunus and the Hunter Drones, Siege is just as aggressive and cruel as his master, as he openly despised the Mighty Ducks for their rebellion against the Saurians. He is also known to have a bitter rivalry with Check "Grin" Hardwing (one of the Mighty Ducks), since the latter is able to go hand-to-hand with him on a daily basis and generally either win or draw in the fight due to his strength. As part of his job, Siege has built in many weapons and vehicles for Dragaunus' forces to use against the Ducks.

Also, just like his master, Siege finds himself at odds with Wraith due to the latter's sarcasm over Dragaunus' plots and suggestion of using dark magic to subdue the Ducks. He even finds his partner Chameleon to be quite annoying due to the latter's antics during Dragaunus' plots against the Mighty Ducks.

Siege's fate remains undisclosed since the show got cancelled after 26 episodes, whether he would be captured and imprisoned or killed by the Mighty Ducks.


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