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You already know this, but you don't stand a chance.
~ Sierra's introduction.
Spark. Your naïve positivity is laughable and will be your undoing. The world is so very cruel. I'll make sure to remind you soon.
~ Sierra's message to Team Instinct's leader, Spark.

Sierra is one of the three secondary antagonists of Pokémon GO. She is one of the three leaders of Team GO Rocket alongside with Cliff and Arlo.


Sierra has slowly overtime worked to become one of Giovanni's most trusted confidant. She grew up on the streets, which allowed her to learn martial arts. Sierra is also behind the Strange Egg Progam.

Spark Battle

The leader of Team Instinct, Spark, was saving Eggs from possible Pokéstop invasions. He happened upon Sierra, who mocked him for his efforts. This angered him and prompted him to challenge her to a battle. Unfortunately, he was not prepared and did not have any pokéballs. Because of this, Sierra dismissed his challenge, and disappeared into the mist. They later met up and had a rematch after Sierra sent Spark a message. Spark used a Jolteon and Sierra used a Shadow Houndoom. Spark won this challenge.


Sierra appears to have tan skin, a white jumpsuit with a purple inside and a yellow undershirt, brown hair, brown eyes, purple lipstick, white/yellow/purple boots, earrings, a light turquoise bag, and is holding a pokéball.


Sierra is mysterious and alluring. While she is Giovanni's most trusted follower, she prefers to seclude herself from people. Spark mentioned while he is not normally intimidated by any Rocket members, he felt small in her presence.






  • In order to summon Sierra, one needs a Rocket Radar.
  • Her signature Pokémon is a Shadow Houndoom.
  • After losing, she calls her Pokémon weak and abandons them.


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