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My attraction, Flight of Fancy, won't fall like the others.
~ Sigilyph challenging the heroes to his attraction.

Sigilyph is a supporting antagonist in the 2011 game Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond.

He is the leader of the fourth and final zone in Wish Park, the Flight Zone. He also acts as the leader of its respective attraction, "Flight of Fancy".


Sigilyph resides on the top of a pillar in his battle. The first part of the battle is getting to him, but the player will be attacked by several other Pokémon along the way. The smaller ones, such as Pawniard, Amoongus, and Timburr can be attacked or avoided, but the player will also have to face a Seismitoad and a Druddigon, both of which guard bridges that can only be activated by defeating them. Once the player reaches the top of the pillar, they will face Sigilyph himself.

Sigilyph's first attack involves launching several orange attacks that will target the player, similar to Energy Ball. He has another attack where he launches Psybeam by channeling power from his three eyes. When his health gets down to about half, he will launch spherical gusts of wind using Air Slash. Because Sigilyph floats in the sky for this battle, dash attacks do not work on him unless he is grounded by another attack.


Sigilyph appears to be very boastful and takes pride in himself. When the player reaches his Flight Zone, he verbally berates his other three teammates for failing to stop them, and he proudly declares his attraction will not fall like the rest. Even when his attraction is cleared, he still retains his pride until his defeat in battle.


Master! I'm sorry, master! Oh... How horrible!
~ Sigilyph upon being defeated.


  • Sigilyph is the only Attraction Leader in Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond to not have any pre-evolutions.


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