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Siebren de Kuiper, codenamed: Sigma, is an antagonist in the 2016 game Overwatch. Once a successful Dutch Physicist Kuiper gained the ability to control gravity at the cost of severe psychological damage from an experiment gone wrong and has become a scientist and human weapon for Talon.

He was voiced by Boris Hiestand.


Siebren was once a brilliant physicist and scientist who sought to further his understanding of how gravity works to find a way to harness gravity for everyday life however his research on an international space station led him to accidentally opening a black hole exposing Kuiper to its power though for only a moment Siebren's suffered a serious psychological damage and the gravity around him began to flux peaking and dropping in response to his reactions. Siebren was returned to earth and imprisoned in a top secret facility where he would rave about the patterns of the universe and strange anomalies in the gravity around him would constantly appear. Soon his existence was discovered by Talon who proceeded to attack the facility he was held in and released him. Siebren now known as Sigma continued his research after being released by Talon, unaware that him and his research are being used as weapons


Sigma is eccentric, ambitious, and highly intelligent. However, due to his slightly fractured mind, he often talks like a lunatic taking about a melody that only he can hear. Despite that, he still speaks in a curious or even cold tone of voice treating every event around him as an experiment.


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