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"You're right, I thought you were special. Like someone I used to know. But you're not even worthy of her name!".
~ Silas insulting Lindsey as their partner-in-crime ultimately collapses.
"You're a slut. And guess what...your children will be better off without you!".
~ Silas before killing Lindsey.

Silas Blissett is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Hollyoaks. He debuted on 23rd December 2010 as a minor antagonist before becoming the show's primary antagonist in 2011, subsuqent to which he became a major antagonist in 2012 and 2016 along with 2020-2021 before becoming the unseen overarching antagonist in 2022.

In light of his villainous impact on the show, Silas Blissett was depicted to be Hollyoaks' very first serial killer even before he made his first on-screen appearence as per-released via media. Since then Silas has been hailed as one of the greatest villains in not just the show itself, but among all iconic villains in British Soap Opera in general.

The character is portrayed by Jeff Rawle.


Silas, born 17 March 1948, is the son of Nancy Blissett. Silas became a journalist and married a woman named Joan. They had two children, Heidi and Wendy. Silas told his family that Joan was murdered by an intruder she disturbed, and that he'd found her body, but it was later revealed that Silas had discovered that Joan was having an affair with her neighbor and Silas killed her, making it look as though she'd been killed by a burglar. Silas faked a heart attack after killing Joan, although it was later treated as a false alarm by the local hospital. He moved to Hollyoaks, where he planned to rid the village of women of low virtue. Before his capture, he killed four women, the last victim being his daughter Heidi. This was an accident, and Silas showed true remorse.


  • For his portrayal of Silas, Jeff Rawle received a nomination in the "Villain of the Year" category at the 2011 British Soap Awards.
  • In 2012 he received a British Soap Awards nomination in the category of "Best Villain".
  • At the All About Soap Bubble Awards Silas won "Best Villain" and the scenes in which he murdered Heidi won the "Best Episode" award.
  • Digital Spy readers voted the Silas storyline the "Best Soap Storyline" of 2011 in a poll run by the entertainment website

Villainous Acts

  • Murdering Heidi Costello, Joan Blissett, Rae Wilson, India Longford, Rebecca Massey, and Lindsey Butterfield (who was a serial killer also).
  • Attempting to murder Lynsey Nolan, Texas Longford, Nancy Hayton, Cheryl Brady, Theresa McQueen, and Mercedes McQueen several times.
  • Keeping Mercedes locked up for months.
  • Keeping sluts in 'eternal damnation'.
  • Blackmailing the Mcqueens (2020).


  1. Joan Blissett - Murdered by Silas sometime in the mid 1990's, after discovering Joan had an affair with their neighbour Silas pushed Joan down a flight of stairs and strangles an incapacitated Joan, before faking a heart attack and staging the murder to look like a burglary gone wrong, Joan was Silas's first ever murder victim.
  2. India Longford - Silas lured India to a descreat location by pretending to be her online date Cameron, when India got their he pretended to be an elderly man in need of assistance with his car before Strangled her with his bare hand on the bonnet of his car.
  3. Rebecca Massey - Strangled Rebecca during a picnic after discovering she was trying to drug him, he then drugged her with the drugs she was planning to use.
  4. Rae Wilson - Hit twice with a brick and Strangled.
  5. Heidi Costello - Hit with a brick and strangled believing her to be Lynsey Nolan.
  6. Lindsey Roscoe - Strangled after discovering she had an affair with the Roscoe brothers.

Note: Silas is an active serial killer from the 1990's to present day and has many more victims away from Hollyoaks, a newspaper article linked him to four disappearances, aswell as the police linking him to over 100 cold cases as well as stating they believe he killed up to 100 women.