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I'd like to let you in on a very important secret I learned when I was about your age, boy. You see, power, real power doesn't come to those who were born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it.Silco to Deckard.

I never would have given you to them. Not for anything. Don't cry. You're perfect.Silco's last words to Jinx before dying.

Silco is the main antagonist of Season 1 of the Riot Games/Netflix 2021 animated series Arcane, which is set in the League of Legends universe. He is a powerful Zaunite crime lord that operates in an underwater aquarium base located beneath an abandoned section of Piltover's docks. He seeks to make Zaun rise up against Piltover, and has partnered with Singed to develop the empowering substance "Shimmer". He was once close to Vander, but the two separated after having a falling-out. He later gains power and becomes the de facto ruler of Zaun. He is killed on accident by Jinx in a fit of rage at the end of Act 3.

He is voiced by Jason Spisak, who also voiced Vladimir in Legends of Runeterra, Jason Dante in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Vulpes Inculta in Fallout: New Vegas, Silas in The Vampire Diaries, Silico and Packrat in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series, Oswald Cobblepot in Telltale's Batman, Scorpion in Marvel's Spider-Man, Deag Ranak in Doom: Eternal, and Joker in Batman: Hush.


Silco is a thin middle-aged man with dark hair who wears a Piltovan-style three-piece suit and has heavy scarring on the left side of his face. Along with the scarring he is missing his left eyelid and his left eye appears infected and discolored. The left eye is often seen as pitch black with an almost triangular shaped iris amidst a fire-colored corona for an iris.


Silco is a callous and ruthless yet highly intelligent and cautious man who will do anything to achieve his goals. He believes the only way to unite Piltover and Zaun is through a bloody conflict, and that power only comes to those who will forsake their own morals to achieve it. He is not afraid of having anyone who gets in his way killed. His ultimate goal is to have the Undercity stand independent from the "topsiders" control and allowing it to be self-sufficient, with him as the prime ruler of the newly formed nation of Zaun.

Silco held a strong grudge against his former brother-in-arms Vander, who once shared the same goal and dream of bettering the lives of the Undercity people but ultimately had a fallout over a difference in their approach. Despite his grudge, Silco still had some respect left for the man who nearly killed him, remembering the fighter he used to be but despises the passive leader he had become. Nonetheless, Silco paid his respects to Vander's statue that was made in his honor.

Despite all this, he has shown to have some level of compassion, as he embraced and took in the distraught and traumatized Powder after noticing the similarities between the young girl and his past self. Years of being under his charge and mentorship, Powder, now known as Jinx, would have a close father-daughter relationship with Silco, ironically echoing the bond Vi had with Vander. Silco would eventually come to genuinely love and care for Jinx as his own, shielding her from his subordinates' criticisms yet being well aware of her tendencies of being a loose cannon. As a result, Silco is willing to discipline her if he feels she has gone too far but can become placated if her unpredictable actions benefit him. Though their relationship would hit a bump after Jinx discovered that Vi was alive after being told from Silco that she was dead, Silco was able to regain her trust after gaslighting the circumstances (as his Enforcer informant had told him that Vi was dead). Ultimately, Silco was willing to trade his long-time goals of seeing Zaun independent from Piltover for Jinx's safety after he was offered everything he desired for the Undercity by Jayce who wanted Jinx arrested in exchange. After Silco was accidentaly killed by Jinx, who was devastated by the act, he didn't blame her for the act, telling her that she was perfect as she is as Jinx and comforting her in his final dying moments.


Early life

Silco grew up in poverty in Zaun alongside Vander who he came to see as a brother. He attained a dream to one day establish a nation of Zaun independent from Piltover, even if it would mean war. This caused fraction between him and Vander and lead to the latter attempting to drown him. Silco managed to survive, but lost his left eye and was heavily scarred as a result. In the years afterwards, he built up a large criminal network in Zaun.


Welcome To The Playground

Silco is first seen reprimanding his underling Deckard for unnecessarily causing trouble on the surface. He then approaches Singed about a deadline for The Shimmer who then assures it's almost ready. Singed uses a cat and a mouse as test subjects, and even though the mouse starts off being scared, once it's injected with Shimmer it easily overpowers and kills the cat. Silco is impressed by the results, and then offers to have it used on Deckard.

Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

Silco meets with Piltover Warden Marcus to discuss a plan to capture Vander. Later, he talks to Deckard about his philosophy, and manipulates him into consuming Shimmer.

The Base Violence Necessary For Change

Just as Vander is about to be taken into custody by officers Grayson and Marcus, Silco interrupt the scene with a simmered-up Deckard who kills Grayson and Benzo. He spares Marcus' life and throws him a coin purse as consolation, before leaving with Vander and Grayson.

After having taken Vander to his base, he talks to Vander and reminiscences about their past before having him dragged away and tied to a chair. After Vi, Mylo, and Claggor enter the building to rescue Vander, he orders his underlings to eliminate them, but Vi manages to take them out. He then has Deckard injected with The Shimmer once again, who manages to overpower Vi. At the same time Powder had made her way to the base despite being instructed not to do so. She detonates an explosive laced with three Hextech crystals, which causes a massive explosion.

He is saved just in time by Sevika who manages to push him out of the way of the explosion at the cost of her arm. As Decker prepares to eliminate the intruders, Vander manages to rise from the rubble and engages in combat with Deckard, who manages to overpower him. Just as he's about to stand up again, he is stabbed by Silco who makes him fall off the balcony.

Vander quickly returns, however, as he injected Simmer into himself and assumes a monstrous form. He manages to finish off Deckard and is just about to pursue Silco when he notices Vi is heavily injured and has trouble moving. Vander then chooses to save Vi instead, and manages to do so but collapses and dies outside of the building. Silco successfully escaped the building with his remaining lackeys, and stumbles upon Powder who is having an emotional breakdown after believing she had been abandoned by her sister. Silco empathizes with the young girl as he had also been betrayed in the past by a sibling, and he then embraces her and takes her in.

During the timeskip

In the wake of Vander's apparent death, Silco becomes the de facto ruler of Zaun and takes over The Last Drop and makes it his base of operations. He raises Powder like his own daughter, has her adopt the name "Jinx", and trains her to become an efficient operative and killer.

Happy Progress Day

On Progress Day, Silco is discussing the Firelights' attacks on his smuggling operation with Sevika. Sevika is frustrated about Jinx losing control and causing unnecessary casualties and destruction, but Silco merely blames Sevika for failing to make sure things went smoothly and dismissses her. He then shows concern about Piltover's rapid technological development and the widening gap between Piltover and Zaun as a result. It turns out that Jinx had been listening to the conversation from the rafters, and she drops down and talks about her traumatic relapse to him. He falsely reminds her that her sister is dead, and that she should move one. While displeased with the financial loss, he nevertheless is sympathetic about Jinx's trauma and tells her to take some time off to focus on her gadgetry.

After Jinx on the evening of Progress Day starts a fire and kills six Piltover Enforcers, Silco in an angry state walks into Jinx' base and scolds her for the great amount of trouble it will cause him, but is pacified and brought into a hug when Jinx shows him she managed to steal a refined hextech crystal.

Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy

Silco is visited by Marcus who now has obtained the position of Sheriff. Despite their alliance, he is very frustrated and at his limit due to Silco's underling killing six of his subordinates. Silco suggests they publicly blame the Firelights for the incident and focus their efforts on arresting them. He donates some money to the families of the victims, and a heavily dismayed Marcus takes his leave.

When These Walls Come Tumbling Down

Silco and two of his men went to Sheriff Marcus' home and was let in by his daughter Ren. He is stacking cards with her in her room when Marcus discovers them. Silco pressures Marcus to remain cooperative, subtly threatens his daughters life to make him complacent, and then leaves

Later at the bottom of Zaun, Caitlyn and Vi are ambushed by Silco and his men. He gives some shimmer to the addicts and orders them to attack the pair. Vi, however, manages to make a giant neon sign crash down on him and his men. In frustration at the pair having escaped, he brutally kills one of his men.

Having returned to his office, he discovers in shock that Jinx has tied up Sevika and has discovered the truth about her sister and Silco's lie.

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