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Silent Mastodon is a minor antagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He is the Commander of Da Shago Kallai.

Da Shago Kallai

Silent was deployed in Da Shago Kallai in the 1980s to lead them in the hostile takeover. Snake, now the Boss, hunted him down and either assassinated him or captured him.

Diamond Dogs

If captured, Silent Mastodon becomes a playable character. He is extremely skilled with guns. He is unlocked in the Da Shago Kallai Raid.

Unlock Prerequisite

Mastodon is hiding inside of a room. When entering Da Shago Kallai, he is not immediately there. Snake has to roam throughout Da Shago Kallai, and either going unnoticed or going guns blazing. When you enter Mastodon's room, he shoots at you and attempts to run. Instead of killing him, he must be knocked out and Fultoned back to base. He is held in prison for 6 missions, until he is eventually let out.