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Chanka Silver Deer is a villain in the DC Comics universe. She is an enemy of Firestorm the Nuclear Man and a frequent associate and sometimes romantic interest of fellow Firestorm villain Black Bison.

When her younger brother was bitten by a rattlesnake, Chanka and her father rushed the boy to a local hospital but were refused admittance by a native-American hating security guard. When Chanka's father tried to force his way inside, the armed guard drew his firearm and opened fire. Both Chanka's father and her brother died as a result. The incident instilled within Chanka a venomous hatred for non-Native Americans and seeking a way to extract vengeance for the deaths of her family she began studying Cherokee mystic arts.

Thought the secrets of the arts were traditionally passed down to the oldest male in the family line, Chanka was accepted by her grandfather for learning so that the art wouldn't be lost. She proved to be an intelligent and adept student, quickly mastering the lessons given to her and growing in power enough that even her grandfather was impressed.

Using her surname as her criminal career name she embarked on a series of terrorist acts against white holdings and assets, that eventually brought her into contact with Black Bison, as the two had common goals. Most of the terrorist acts committed by the pair were masterminded by Silver Deer, which would eventually lead herself and Black Bison into numerous conflicts with Firestorm and Firehawk.

She seemingly perished in the collapse of a high rise building and has not been seen since.

Powers and Abilities

Silver Deer was an accomplished Cherokee sorceress. She was able to shape shift into various animal forms, most often seen as a wolf or an eagle. She once even shape shifted into a giant octopus.

In addition, she was able to utilize a variety of telekinetic powers. Whether these powers were a result of her mystic training or a secondary power of her own is not known.


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