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The Silver Dude is a villain in the Regular Show TV series. He is a street performer painted silver who wanted to get rich. When Mordecai and Rigby showed up and started stealing his customers, he steals their raps songs.

He is voiced by the late John Cygan.


He first appears in "Silver Dude" when Mordecai and Rigby wanted to get some money to buy a video game called Zombies Return 4. When they see the Silver Dude performing tricks for people and getting money from them they decide to do the same. Rigby decide to paint themselves silver too, but Mordecai decides to do their own thing. They go outside and start rapping songs which gives them lots of money. However, the Silver Dude doesn't like the competition and starts stealing their songs to make more money.

When they confronted and tell him to stop they all start get into a fight with each other, until the God of Street Performing arrives to end the dispute. He decides to host a singing competition where the winner gets all the money, which both sides accepted and the challenge began. Throughout the competition Mordecai and Rigby rap while the Silver Dude just ripped them off. Using their power of rap, Mordecai and Rigby destroy his boombox, which blows all the silver paint off his body. He tries to rap on his own but fails, so he tries to steal the money for himself. But before he could, the God of Street Performing traps him in an invisible box, turns him into a mime then sends him to street jail.


  • Defeated by God of Street. He arrested by officer in jail.


  • He is not creative without his boombox. 
  • He is terrible at rapping.


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