Silver Hakaider is a member of Hakaider Squad and major antagonist in the manga and Tokusatsu series Kikaider 01, as well as a minor antagonist in its OVA adaptation. He has the power to assume the Ghostbot form Silver Shrimp.

He was voiced by the late Takeshi Watabe, who also voiced Don Horror and God Neros in the Metal Heroes series.


Silver Hakaider is first seen assembling with the other members of the Hakaider Squad and being instructed by Boss Hakaider to go out and kidnap Akira, the son of Professor Gill whom has the blueprints for the Giant Devil superweapon tattooed on his back. The four then attempt to capture Akira, but face a new obstacle in the form of Ichiro/Kikaider 01, the first Kikaider model built by Dr. Komyoji who reawakens to protect Akira.

Silver Hakaider later assumed his monster form Silver Shrimp and enacted a plan to kidnap Akira by taking a little girl hostage and holding her for ransom so her mother would do everything he said. While Kikaider 01 was busy rescuing the little girl, the Hakaider Squad took the opportunity to nab Akira. 01 attempted to rescue Akira, but Boss Hakaider summoned storm clouds to block out 01's source of energy, the sun. Though Ichiro was seemingly defeated, Jiro/Kikaider then showed up and assisted in rescuing Akira from the Hakaider Squad's clutches.

As a last ditch effort to capture Akira, the four Hakaiders combined to form the almighty Gattaider. They succeeded in overwhelming Ichiro, but before they could take Akira Jiro appeared and rescued him. Gattaider relentlessly pursued Akira, but was eventually destroyed by the combined powers of both Kikaiders. Around this time, another figure appeared seeking to capture Akira and complete Giant Devil - Shadow Knight of the mysterious organization SHADOW. Silver Hakaider, along with Blue and Red Hakaider, would ultimately sacrifice themselves to buy Boss Hakaider time to escape.


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