Silverback is a robotic primate and a villain in DC comics.


When Phobia, Plasmus, and Warp returned to Paris after failing to secure the scarab, they were met by Silverback who had been assigned to either ensure their success or eliminate them if they failed. They headed to the base of Chuco Thirteen, the gang Paco is a member of, looking for the teenager who promptly flees at the sight of them.

Making quick work of the gang, Plasmus secured their leader for Silverback to interrogate, promising to kill everybody who even heard of the gang unless he provided information on Paco. When they didn't find him at the motel, Silverback planted a motion detector under the bed and returned when it was activated. Blue Beetle interrupted them and much of Silverback's systems were knocked offline by his attack. The other members of the Brotherhood abandoned him to avoid being killed by him.

He tried to convince the paramedics to take him when they came for Paco, but Blue Beetle flew him to an abandoned building. He left for the hospital, but Silverback pleaded for his help as he revealed that he wasn't a robot, but he had simply downloaded his mind into that form. His mind would become trapped in the body if it didn't transfer soon, but Blue Beetle paid no heed to his words and left him in the decrepit building.

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