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Silvia Christel (NMH2)

Silvia Christel is one of the main characters in the No More Heroes franchise. She may be one of the main protagonists, but due to her cruel, and rather heartless moments she's considered to be a protagonist villain.

She is voiced by Paula Tiso, who also voices Fuuka Yamagishi and Laughing Octopus.


No More Heroes

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Silvia reappears in the sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle to notify Travis Touchdown of his ranking after he defeated and fatally wounded Skelter-Helter. She also informs him that the man who killed Travis' friend Bishop, the millionaire Jasper Batt Jr. is the number one ranking assassin in the UAA. As in the first game, she suggestively offers herself as a prize should Travis reach the top rank, tempting him with the "Downward Dog" yoga position. She also appears during portions of the game, recounting the events of the game to an initially unseen figure, noting that she lost her position at the UAA.

Throughout the game, she shows a cruel apathy to Travis' growing concern about his position as an assassin. This is particularly noted when Silvia guns down Ryuji and cruelly mocks Travis when he challenges her for shooting a worthy opponent "like a common thug". She also reluctantly permits Travis' request for them to leave Captain Vladimir's corpse alone after their battle.

At the end, Travis ultimately brings down the UAA which costs Silvia her job although she has considerably softened towards that part of the game. She and Travis finally have sex prior to his fight with Batt, Jr. At the end of the game, it's revealed that her visitor to whom she recounted the events of the game is none other than Travis himself.


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