Do not fear the strong. Fear the weak. For they have something to prove.
~ - Caruso monologuing in the Sapienza trailer.

Dr Silvio Caruso is the main antagonist of the "World of Tomorrow" episode of Hitman. He is a famous Italian bio-engineer and member of Providence.


Silvio Caruso is the youngest of three brothers, descended from rural Italian aristocrats, and grew up in his family's ancestral home Villa Caruso on the Amalfi Coast. When he was a child, his father died and his twin older brothers ran away from home, never to be seen again. He subsequently lived alone in Villa Caruso with his mother, academic Isabella Caruso, and she psychologically abused him to make him increasingly dependent on her. He is very nervous and introverted by nature, especially towards women, which the ICA diagnoses as gynophobia.

In high school, Caruso miraculously began a relationship with a popular girl named Amelia. However, his mother paid their gardener's son to seduce her and showed him photographic evidence of it on their prom night. She then told him "Romantic love is fleeting. Only a mother's love endures".

Exactly two years before Silvio was assassinated, his mother died in her sleep from seemingly natural causes.

Diana Burnwood mentions in the World of Tomorrow briefing that Silvio is a former client of the ICA. It's later revealed that Silvio's requested hit was on businessman-turned-politician Marco Abiatti, which 47 accomplished in the mission Landslide.

Prior to his work with Ether Corporation, Caruso established a reputation as one of the world's top stem cell researchers. Shortly after his mother passed away, Ether hired him to develop an extremely deadly and controversial bio-weapon. The weapon was a contagious virus that responded to a target's DNA, and would lay dormant, unnoticed and harmless among the general population before reaching its target and killing them. Diana Burnwood described it as a tool for potential "armchair assassins", and "a serious threat to our craft and trade". Inspired by his own troubled upbringing and insecurities, Caruso wanted the virus made available to practically anyone whereas Ether wanted to reserve it for use only by world leaders. Ether's upper management kept major shareholders in the dark about the virus, and one of the major shareholders - an unnamed woman with moral objections to the virus - was supposedly the one to call a hit on Caruso.