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Another balls up, Johnny.
~ Ambrose during his last fight with Johhny.

Simon Ambrose is the main antagonist in the 2011 film Johnny English Reborn. He is known as the best fictional agent of MI7, but it is revealed that he is also one of the three founding members of Vortex, a secret organization of hired assassins.

He was portrayed by Dominic West, who also portrays Theron in 300 and Jigsaw in Punisher: War Zone.


Early career

Simon Ambrose joined MI7 in his youth and became their best agent, being hailed by the organization, and agent Johnny English, who looked up to him. Unbeknownst to the agency, Ambrose co-founded Vortex, a secret organization of hired assassins that was created presumably in the early 2000s.

In 2006, Ambrose and Vortex were behind the death of President Chamboa in Mozambique, and the group plans to assassinate Chinese Premier Xiang Ping. Vortex also created a drug called "Timoxeline Barbebuttoenol", a secret weapon which allows him to control a person for while before that person dies.

Events of the Film

Ambrose later learned that Titus Fisher, a founding member of Vortex, has spilled information to MI7, and a member dubbed "The Killer Cleaner" kill Fisher. In addition, Ambrose has the assassin kill Artem Karlenko, another founding member of Vortex, and wants to make MI7 head Pamela Thorton commit the crime with the use of their special drug.

When English accidently drinks the drug meant for Thorton, Ambrose decides to use him to commit the crime, but English fights for control. Seeing that English is strong enough to not be subdued with the drug, Ambrose flees to a cable-car. English catches up to Ambrose, and the two have a fist fight which ends with English falling from the cable-car. English grabs what he thinks is a bullet proof shield, but the gadget actually shoots a rocket at the cable-car, destroying the car and killing Ambrose.


Simon was an extremely diabolical and powerful mastermind, able to control Vortex with an iron fist.


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