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Holy shit. I'm an asshole, Robyn, okay? I made his life a living hell and I treated him like shit. Is that what you're trying to figure out? That I was an asshole? I was an asshole, okay? My dad was an asshole to me, treated me like shit. But I took it. I sucked it up. I'm not on my hands and knees crying about it, praying about it. Stuck in the f---ing past about it. I moved on. I made something of my life. This world's about f---ing winners and losers, and we're all in the same shitty playground, you know? Guess what? That this guy lost and then he's moaning about it, is just him being stuck because he wants to be stuck because he can't get past the f---ing moment. He's not going to pull me back and apologize for something I don't know about, that I'm not responsible for, that I don't care about. I don't owe that guy shit.
~ Simon not feeling sorry and trying to justify his actions to Robyn.

Simon Callum is the main villainous protagonist of the 2015 horror-thriller film The Gift.

He was portrayed by Jason Bateman, who also played Marty Byrde in Ozark and Trevor Olson in Central Intelligence.


Early life

Simon was born in 1973 and raised in Los Angeles, California; he has a younger sister who was born when he was about five. His mother and sister are both still alive as of 2015, yet it is unknown what happened to Simon's father, who was implied to have been abusive to his son, possibly contributing to Simon becoming a bully in the first place.

An arrogant, mean-spirited bully, Simon takes pleasure in manipulating and mocking anyone he deems weak or inferior, and is not above hurting innocent people to get what he wants. In high school, he and his best friend Greg Pierson spread a rumor that underclassman Gordon "Gordo" Mosley was gay; upon hearing this rumor, Gordo's father tried to kill him. Gordo eventually switched schools, while Simon graduated in 1991, not staying in contact with anyone from school, not even Greg, whom Simon later referred to as “some idiot from his past”. In the meantime, Simon had told his family that he saved Gordo from being molested so that he did not get in trouble.

Simon went to college and soon became employed at the security company Orthus in Chicago, where he met his future wife Robyn.

The Gift

In 2014, Simon and Robyn move back to Los Angeles where Simon's life soon begins to unravel, as if karma begins to haunt him for being a bully, beginning with his former victim Gordo coming into his life again. By the end of the film, Gordo gets Simon fired by revealing that Simon broke the law in order to get a lucrative account, and also for spreading false rumors about Danny. He also alienates Robyn from Simon by helping her see what kind of person her husband really is. When Robyn gives birth to their child, she bans Simon from the delivery room, and it is implied that she is going to leave him. Simon then gets a call from Gordon, who suggests that he may have raped Robyn, and is thus the baby's father. Simon demands the truth, but Gordon refuses to say whether he touched Robyn, leaving Simon forever in doubt as to whether the baby is his.


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