Do not interrupt your better! Disobey me and I'll have you nailed to the wall with the other heathens! Adytum will rise!... I'll make you dance, meat puppet! You are a joke to me!
~ Simon Oswalt AKA SCP-2480-1 before attacking Dr. Peter Hull.

Simon Oswalt, AKA SCP-2480-1 and Karcist Karvas, is an antagonist in the SCP mythos. He is a traitorous member of the SCP Foundation and former director of Site 13 who later converted to Sarkicism and became the leader of an army of anomalous entities dedicated to bringing about the Sarkic ideal of a new age of flesh, which would involve the destruction of humanity.


Oswalt was a Foundation bureaucrat, who, due to his lack of imagination, was selected as the perfect person to become director of the supposedly inconsequential Site 13, guarding SCP-2480, an anomalous area created by the supposed failure of Adytum's Wake to summon Grand Karcist Ion.

However, after Oswalt was transferred to Site 13, he found that the ritual had in fact been successful, as Ion visited him. Ion turned him against his Foundation masters by showing him their dossier on him, which described him as a "mirthless dullard". He then endowed him with the ability to exercise pheromonal control on the entities which he summoned through SCP-2480, and re-named him Karcist Karvas.

After the Foundation lost contact with Site 13, agents Samuel Roe and Sarah Valentine were sent to investigate, but were captured by Oswalt's creatures, which also tormented citizens of the nearby town, often replacing them with some of their own, and occasionally kidnapping and eating them. Another Foundation team were sent in to perform surveillance, and were systematically either killed or replaced by the Sarkites.

After the sole survivor, Dr. Calixto Narváez, made his report of the group's existence to the O5 Council, the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition launched an offensive against Oswalt. During the assault on the area, the taskforce manged to defeat the Sarkites and reclaim the area, as well as detaining Oswalt, now designated SCP-2480-1. Oswalt was removed from the area, separating the Sarkite monsters from his pheromones and rendering them directionless and unable to eat or defend themselves, thus thwarting Ion's plan.

After his capture, Oswalt was incarcerated at Containment Area 14, where he was anesthetized and vivisected, although neither the anaesthesia nor the operation appeared to have any physical effect on him. The operation revealed that Oswalt was devoid of any internal organs apart from his brain, heart and lungs. He was also interrogated on the nature of his anomalous properties by Dr. Peter Hull. However, during the interrogation, Oswalt became aggravated after Dr. Hull interrupted him during his monologue on Grand Karcist Ion, and attempted to attack him. This failed as breaking free from his restraints caused him to accidentally amputate his own arms, allowing him to easily be restrained by Foundation guards and treated for his injuries.


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