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I am called Simon Pure. And I have seen the light.
~ Simon introducing himself to Spawn.
The city is unclean. Sin and filth issue from every concrete pore. Its streets are choked with fools and cowards and scoundrels. Its jagged skyline a monument to hubris. But there are shall come a reckoning... When the sky rains vengeance and the blood of the wicked flows... for the glory of the Kingdom.
~ Simon Pure
Midnight. The night of the cleansing. It begins... Like the plagues of Moses, we rain down upon the faithless. Teeth bared, blades flashing. A black and terrible scourge. We move as one. Like a pack of feral beasts. Like the holy wrath of angels. Pulses quicken, piqued of blood and the bootless screams of the damned. We are the children of the kingdom. We have come to do God's work. We have long waited for this night. We gave humanity every chance to awaken to the light. They have shown themselves to be unworthy. It is up to us to teach these decadent mongrels a lesson. We shall feast upon their flesh, get drunk upon their blood. Every brow that is stained by the crimson mark of sin, there shall be our prey. Impossible. The fool is clean. Unmarked. Untainted by the merest sin. It is God's will that he be spared. Very well. He is a rare exception. There are plenty others to feed upon... No... Impossible... Surely there is some mistake... Everywhere in this city, this den of jackals, men walk free of sin. An army of 777 holy warriors gazes across these dirty streets, searching for a single target, finding none.
~ Simon while leading the "cleansing".

Simon Pure is a recurring antagonist in the Spawn series He was the leader of a vampire cult called The Kingdom who believed they were descended from the 12 apostles of Jesus, a race chosen by God. He indirectly caused Max Williams' transformation into a vampire.


Simon Pure was the leader of the Kingdom, a group of 777 vampires who served Heaven. They were determined to lead the world as Earth's rightful leaders.

The Kingdom viewed themselves as God's chosen race and awaited a cleansing in which the wicked would be wiped from the Earth and the vampires would rise to power. Simon Pure was a particularly religious zealot who took it upon himself to initiate the prophesied "cleansing".

They had Max Williams son of Twitch Williams turned into a vampire and later on Twitch and Sam try to save him. Spawn himself gets involved in stopping Simon and his group. Simon is eventually slain and later on, it's revealed that Solomon Pure is the brother of Simon Pure and Simon himself has been seen in the dead zone.

Simon also makes a cameo in 297 as apart of the history of Spawn.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Vampire, Simon possesses superhuman strength, speed, and Stamina.


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