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Father Simon Wales is a major antagonist in BioShock 2, serving as the main antagonist of the "Siren Alley" level. One of the former architects of Rapture, Simon Wales eventually became Sofia Lamb's second-in-command and spokesman for her cult, the Rapture Family.


Before his mutation he was the governor of Siren Alley and Guardian of Sofia Lamb, Simon has a brother named Daniel Wales, both Simon and Daniel were the architects of the cathedral were working with Andrew Ryan to design the city. After the city was completed Simon and Daniel moved to Siren Alley with Simon trying to spread his religious view of the Rapture Family. After Ryan was killed by Jack, Simon was turned into a Spider Splicer and with Lamb's help started to gain a following among the residence of Rapture but had a falling out with his brother. Even after their falling out Simon tried to reach out to his brother and said he hoped they could make amends with one another.

Eventually Daniel is killed by Subject Delta, enraged by this Simon sends a party to kill kill Delta at all cost. During the ambush Simon mentions how his brother's soul will be spared and allowed into paradise due to being "saved" yet claims Delta has no soul thus gets no such mercy. Delta eventually find Simon and ultimately kills Simon putting an end to his crusade.


Simon Wales is shown to be a deeply religious person who is determined to spread his beliefs to anyone who'd hear him out. Throughout the game he constantly compared Andrew Ryan to a devil-like figure and seems convinced Jack was some sort of god who liberated Rapture from tyranny. Simon is also shown to care for his flock and brother becoming enraged at Delta for murdering them even if it's self-defense. Simon is also described by Sofia as a man so sincere in his beliefs that he doesn't fear death and will stop at nothing to further the Family's goals.


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