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Simone Clouseau-Lytton is Clouseau's ex-wife and a main antagonist of The Pink Panther 1963 film, along with The Phantom/Sir Charles Lytton. She is also a supporting character in "Trail of the Pink Panther" and "Curse of the Pink Panther". She was portrayed by Capucine.


The Pink Panther (1963)

Simone is introduced as Clouseau's wife, but is secretly the lover and partner-in-crime of Sir Charles Lytton, The Phantom, the world's greatest catburglar. Thanks to her intervention, Clouseau can never catch him. She accompanies Clouseau to the ski resort where Princess Dala, owner of the world's greatest diamond, The Pink Panther, is staying, as Clouseau knows that The Phantom will try to steal it. Simone and Lytton continue their affair, while she is also pursued by Lytton's nephew, George Lytton. Clouseau remains devoted to his wife, unaware of the fact that she is constantly deceiving him. After Lytton and his nephew have been arrested as suspects, Simone teams up with Dala to frame Clouseau and free them. She is shown to feel remorse after Clouseau is arrested, but she never gets back together with him.

Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

Simone has married Charles Lytton and are interviewed by Marie about Clouseau. She does not speak particularly favorably of her ex-husband.

Curse of the Pink Panther (1983)

She alongside Charles and his nephew appears on their yacht, helping the hero, Clifton Sleigh, on his search for Clouseau and the diamond. At the end of the film they successfully steal the diamond from Clouseau.


Simone is shown to be a skilled thief and trickster, able to easily and constantly deceiving others, notably Inspector Clouseau. She is also a master of disguise, seen as she successfully evades the police using a special coat and bag that she twists inside out to change her appearance from a french woman to a different attire.


  • It is unknown what her maiden name is and how she became married to Inspector Clouseau.


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