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I'm Sindbad the Sailor, so hardy and hail. I live on an island in the back of a whale. It's a whale of an island. That's not a bad joke, as long as it's master is this handsome bloke.
~ Sindbad the Sailor

Sindbad (also known Sindbad the Sailor) is the main antagonist of the 1936 animated cartoon, "Popeye the Sailors meets Sindbad the Sailor".

He was voiced by the late Gus Wickie who also voiced Bluto.


Sindbad makes his first appearance when emerging from his castle on The Isle of Sindbad and boastfully singing his own praise but not before punching his two lions in the faces. Sindbad marched through his island and bragged about how great of a man he was and detailed how he owns a bunch of ferocious and carnivorous as well as many deadly and otherworldly monsters, which he has complete and total control over, after defeating them all in fights. He tells brief stories about how he defeated all of his monsters and that after being taken down, they now work for him.

Sindbad later spotted Popeye, Wimpy, and Olive Oyl sailing the ocean on a boat and he ordered his buzzard to sink the boat and kidnap Olive and bring her to him. The buzzard followed orders and destroyed Popeye's ship, snatching up Olive and leaving Popeye and Wimpy to drown. While Popeye and Wimpy swam to safety, The buzzard took Olive back to Sindbad. Sindbad started grabbing and touching Olive, while she struggled to get free and begged for mercy but Sindbad kept asking her to give him some love.

Popeye entered Sindbad's castle and witnesses him shooting a bunch of metal balls at her, while Olive avoided them by dancing like a maniac. Popeye went face to face with Sindbad and picked a fight with him. When Popeye asked him who he was, Sindbad went into another full-blown musical number, where he once more boasted about his greatness, while also tormenting Popeye. At the end of his number, Sindbad flung Popeye into his buzzard, who took him to his volcano, where he planned on having him burned in the lava. However, Popeye came back with a giant cooked turkey that was once the buzzard and he laughed in Sindbad's face, humiliated and further angering the latter. Sindbad knocked Popeye into the nearby two-headed ogre, where they grabbed him and tortured him. Popeye fought back against them by slapping them. The ogres returned with another attack which actually backfired. They threw him across the island and knocked a tree down on one of their head's leading to the other head getting the ache. Popeye slammed both of their heads with his fists, knocking them both out cold.

Sindbad got sick of Popeye defeating his monsters and animals so he decided to fight him to death, himself. Sindbad beat up Popeye and strangled him 'til his face turned red. Popeye used his radish-colored head to headbutt Sindbad. Sindbad roughly discarded Popeye into a tree but Popeye entered the tree and then punched Sindbad through a knothole. Sindbad toppled to the ground, while Popeye burrowed his way over to another tree and then once again nicked Sindbad through the other knothole. Agitated, Sindbad once more grabbed Popeye and hurled him over to an open plain and started beating him like a punching bag, knocking all of Popeye's stuff out, including a can of spinach, which nearly rolled off a cliff before Popeye saved it.

Popeye ate it his spinach and then the tables were turned, as this now gave him the superstrength to beat Sindbad silly. He slammed Sundbad against a tree, which made a bunch of coconuts fall on his head. Popeye then uppercut him up the tree and lept up to bat him back down again, followed by him pelting him with a series of rocks before this ferocious felon could even fight back. While dizzy from the constant barrage of attacks, Sindbad was ill-prepared for what followed; Popeye tying a ribbon around him and then a rock and a flag around the other end. Popeye Sindbad him one last sock, landing and hooking him on top of a tree, where he hung from the ribbon, that unfurled the flag depicting a can of spinach into the wing. After Sindbad's downfall, his former monster and animal slaves rejoiced as their evil leader was finally dethroned and dishonored. The kingdom of freed slaves cheered for Popeye, as he was the new most remarkable extraordinary fella.


  • Normally, Sindbad's name is spelled Sinbad, (without the first "d"). However, in his portrayal in Popeye the Sailor Man, his name is spelled with a "d" for some reason.
    • Also, according to the original stories, Sindbad was always characterized as a hero. However, this cartoon puts a twist on that and portrays him as a villain.
  • Sindbad is intended to be an alternate version of Bluto.