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Sinestro in Green Lantern: First Flight.

Sinestro is the main antagonist of Green Lantern: First Flight. He was one of the greatest Green Lanterns in history, but believing that the Guardians were unfit to keep peace and order across the universe with them simply capturing and arresting criminals instead of exterminating them, an so, he betrayed them. He tried to use the Yellow Core to gain control of the Green Lantern Corps and nearly succeeded, but was stopped by Hal Jordan. He was portrayed by Victor Garber who also portrayed Professor Callahan in Legally Blonde.


Sinestro was initially worthy of wielding his ring and try to keep peace and order across the universe using the Guardians beliefs along with the other Green Lanterns. Years of working with them made him the best of the Green Lanterns and raised him in the ranks until he became part of the Green Lantern Honor Guard. This allowed him to learn more about Green Lantern Corps deepest secrets like where the Yellow Element was after the Guardians hid it. As time went on though, he became disillusioned with the beliefs of the Guardians believing him and the rest of the Green Lanterns were nothing more than garbage collectors always stopping and capturing criminals instead of killing them and that it was an endless cycle. He soon believed that they had to be more ruthless in their attempts to stop evil and should rule the universe instead of just protecting it. But when the Guardians refused, he believed they had gotten soft and decided a new order was needed across the universe his own. Sinestro decided to take over the Green Lantern Corp by using their one weakness, the Yellow Element. Unable to execute his plan by himself, he contacted the warlord Kanjar Ro and told him where the Yellow Element is and told him to turn it into a weapon that can be used against the Green Lantern Corp and together they would rule the universe. 

Around this time he managed to turn Boodikka on to his side and both agreed that the Guardians were useless in promoting peace and order across the universe. Sinestro's plans nearly failed when the guardians realized that the yellow element was stolen and Abin Sur went undercover to see where Kanjar Ro hide it. To keep his cover and to make sure Abin Sur wouldn't reveal Sinestro's involvement, he warned Kanjar Ro about him and one of Kanjar Ro's minions, Cuch, killed him. Abin Sur died but not before giving his ring to Hal Jordan who became his successor. Realizing that Abin Sur was dead and his ring was given to someone else, Sinestro and a group of Green Lanterns were sent to earth to find the person who wielded Abin Sur's ring and take him to the Guardians to see if he was really worthy of using the ring. They found Hal Jordan and took him to the Guardians and they debated whether he was worthy of using the ring or not since they believed that humans were a barbaric race. Wanting to see what Hal Jordan was capable of he took it upon him to take Hal under his wing and teach him the ropes of being a Green Lantern. The Guardians agreed with his request. He began Hal's training by taking him to the Green Lantern battery where Hal was gathering information about the universe, but Sinestro wanting to accelerate the process put Hal's ring closer to the Green Lantern battery making him gather information faster but brought him great pain in the process. 

Sinestro was impressed by the fact that Hal Jordan handled all the information and stood unharmed, and that the last person had his antennas burned off. He also told Hal that he liked humans and told him of his dislike about the Guardians, believing they had gotten soft while trying to promote peace and order across the universe. He took Hal on his first mission to find Cuch, and it was this time that he showed his true colors and nearly killed an alien women of Cuch had Hal not stopped him. When Cuch was found, Sinestro and Hal gave chase while Hal was successful in capturing Cuch, Sinestro berated him for what he did when he was interrogating the alien women. Hal defended his actions stating that he would have killed her, but Sinestro shrugged it off, telling Hal the only way to stop evil is by making people afraid of him and that means being more ruthless and crossing the line. In his mind, even by stopping him he showed weakness. He also told Hal that the Green Lanterns were reduced to garbage collectors always stopping threats that arose rather than enforce order around the universe, believing it to be an endless cycle. He wanted to end it once and for all by making his own order across the universe by ruling it. 

When other Green Lanterns came to see if they succeeded, he kept his cool again and managed to calm down while taking Cuch back to base to interrogate him, on where Kanjar Ro and the Yellow Element was. Hal wasn't the only person who thought Sinestro was out of line, as several Green Lanternsrs became worried about Sinestro's new ruthless, cruel, and cold attitude to others, even ones that weren't criminals. They all thought it was because the pressure the Guardians were placing on him about the Yellow Element, as with that a person could destroy the Green Lanterns and rule the universe, unaware it was because he was power hungry and was only following the orders of the Guardians for his own agenda of using the Yellow Element to enslave them and rule the universe himself and would not allow any mishaps deter him. Although his plan to turn the Yellow Element into a weapon was going perfectly, he became worried that Kanjar Ro was going to double cross him and unable to contact him, so he decided to use Cuch to find him, check on his progress, and collect the weapon. During his interrogation of Cuch, he manged to locate Kanjar Ro but at the cost of Cuch's life, in which the Guardians reprimanded him for it. When he tried to justify it, saying he was trying to protect the universe from the Yellow Element, the Guardians told him he could not be a Green Lantern if he didn't stand by their ideals of protecting life. They also warned him that the same must not happen to Kanjar Ro nefore they could interrogate him personally, otherwise the Yellow Element would never be discovered. Annoyed, he agreed but then made a snide remark about the Guardians to Hal saying they would doom them all. 

He discovered that Kanjar Ro was hiding in a spaceport and lead a team of Green Lanterns to find him. When Kanjar Ro realized what Sinestro had done, he decided to meet him telepathically and both discussed their plans. Kanjar Ro told Sinestro it was dangerous for them to meet even telepathically, especially since Abin Sur was now dead. Sinestro stated that he was difficult to contact and expressed his doubts on Kanjar Ro, thinking that he would betray him. Kanjar Ro denied it and told Sinestro that the Yellow Element was with the weaponers and that the weapon was ready for pickup. When he asked where exactly. Kanjar Ro refused to tell him. as he believed Sinestro would sell him out to the Green Lanternss afterwards. Sinestro told him not to test his patience, as he sacrificed everything for his new order both came to an agreement to meet at a different part of the space station. They would both collect the weapon together, Kanjar Ro would get rid of his goons and Sinestro would do the same. Their plan was ruined though when Hal Jordan found Kanjar Ro and tried to capture him. This lead to a battle between Ro's men and the Green Lanterns. In order to escape he threatened innocent people, forcing the Green Lanterns to save them first. 

When Sinestro saw what they were doing, he reprimanded them, telling them that Kanjar Ro was their target, even though they had a good reason not to follow him. He told them that those people were irrelevant that with the Yellow Element, the Green Lantern Core was doomed, and to an extent. those people would suffer as well. In addition, he told them that hey have to keep their priorities straight, finding the Yellow Element at any cost. Kanjar Ro used the chaos to escape with the Green Lanterns in hot pursuit. Only Hal managed to reach him after defeating Ro's right hand, and went after Kanjar Ro himself. Ro got Hal by surprise and was about to kill him when Sinestro appeared behind him pointing his ring at him. He tried to plead with Sinestro, telling him he was the only person who knew where the weapon was and without him, Sinestro would never find it. When that failed, he try to threaten Sinestro, telling the Core everything that Sinestro made him do. However, Sinestro had other plans when two Green Lanterns came looking for Kanjar Ro, he decided to break his partnership with Kanjar Ro. Sinestro killed Ro and took his mind device while setting up Hal, making it look like he killed Kanjar Ro out of self defense. 

After Hal was stripped of his ring, Sinestro temporarily revived Kanjar Ro and made him use his mind device to tell him where the weapon is, which is in the planet Qward. Before he could claim his prize, Kilowog, Boodikka, and Hal showed up telling them that Sinestro was not what he seemed. Shocked, he tried to tell them he was working in secret to find out where the Yellow Element was, as he believed there was a spy in the Core. The three weren't fooled though, as they already knew he was planning a take over with the Yellow Element, and Kilowog told him to take off his ring. He refused and looked at Boodikka to see if she would back him up. She told him he couldn't talk his way out of this one, and she fired at Kilowog, revealing her allegiance to Sinestro. He tried to make the same offer to Hal. promising more power that he could ever imagine in exchange for his loyalty, but he refused. Disappointed, he told Boodikka to kill Hal and went to retrieve the weapon. Reaching Qward, he meet a weaponer who at first refused to give him the weapon, as he was not the person that hired them. After some discussion, the weaponer consented and gave Sinestro both the Yellow Battery and Ring, which allowed him to draw power from the Yellow Element and control the weapon. 

The weaponers task complete, they returned back to their world, but not before warning Sinestro that the weapon had a flaw and that was the person who used it. Sinestro though ignored their words, and began his takeover of the Green Lantern Core when several Green Lanterns went to retrieve him, he knew that Boodikka had fallen. He shrugged it off and said he started it alone and he'll end it alone. When the Green Lanterns questioned what he was doing, he said he was doing what was necessary and that a new age was rising. After hearing Hal and Kilowog's testimony, the Guardians couldn't believe it and refused to pass judgement until they hear Sinestro's side of the story. Moments later, several Green Lanterns Rings appeared, showing that Sinestro killed them before Sinestro himself appeared. More Green Lanterns tried to capture him, but he beat them easily. It was at this point the Guardians realized that Hal and Kilowog were right. Sinestro justified everything he did was to bring order to the universe and gave the Guardians a choice to either submit to him willingly or he would destroy everything they created. When they refused, a battle between the entire Green Lanterns Core and Sinestro began. While he was outnumbered, the power of the Yellow Element was too great for the Green Lanterns, and he managed to beat them easily. He used the weapon to destroy the Green Lantern Battery, and without it, all the rings lost power and nothing could stop Sinestro. 

Worse is that with the power of the rings gone, the Green Lanterns in outer space died due to lack of oxygen. Realizing they were outmatched, the entire Green Lantern Core surrendered. He demanded all the Green Lanterns to give him their rings, and he crushed them all except for Kilowog's, who refused. He was to kill him when Hal managed to recharge his ring and also absorbed more power from the battery itself and challenged Sinestro. Hal using his cleverness, tried to destroy the weapon, but Sinestro managed to stop him using most of the power he had. He destroyed the yellow battery by crushing it between two moons. His plans ruined, he decided to confront Jordan one last time. When Jordan said it was over, he still had enough power in his ring to kill Jordan and take his ring as insurance. This lead to a final confrontation, which became a battle of will as both combatants used constructs and their own fists. Hal, running low on energy, used what power he had left to blast Sinestro back to Oa. Sinestro, powerless, had his hand crushed by Kilowog's foot and the Ring on it was destroyed. He is not seen again after his defeat, but is presumably captured by the Core and punished for his crimes. 


Sinestro was once a noble Green Lantern who cared about peace and order across the universe and did this by using the beliefs of the Guardians. As time went on though, he got tired of always capturing and imprisoning criminals, thinking that it was an endless cycle. He believed that in order for there to be true order across the universe, they had to rule it rather than just protect it. When the Guardians refused though, he went rouge and tried to use the Yellow Element to take over the Green Lantern Core and impose his own twisted order. Sinestro was a man of dual identity. as he was able to keep his rank in the Green Lantern Core while also organize the events of turning the Yellow Element into a weapon, with the Green Lanterns not realizing it until it was too late. However, his acting was not foolproof, as many people noticed he's cold, ruthless, and cold attitude, not just to criminals but innocents as well. They all believed it was because of the pressure the Guardians were giving him about acquiring the Yellow Element, when in reality he was power-hungry and desired to gain the Yellow Element to use it against the Guardians and rule the universe. He lacked patience, as even though Kanjar Ro succeeded in turning the Yellow Element into the weapon he desired, he believed that Kanjar Ro would betray him and wanted to find him as quickly as possible to collect the weapon. 

When people began disobeying him and not following his plans, he would snap at them saying that acquiring the Yellow Element was their top priority as it could be used against the Green Lantern Core, even if they had noble reasons not to follow his plans. He was willing to go any lengths to acquire the Yellow Element, not to give it back to the Guardians but to use it and refused to let anything stop him, even the deaths of innocent people. His nature extended not only to criminals and innocents, but also his own partners, as once Kanjar Ro completed the weapon, his usefulness had ran out and no longer needing him alive, Sinestro killed him to keep him from telling others his plans for the Yellow Element. However, he did briefly mourn the loss of Boodikk,a showing that he liked working with her, but quickly got over it stating he started it alone and he will end it alone, showing he only cares about himself and his new order. Even before acquiring the Yellow Element, he despised the Guardians. believing they were useless in keeping peace and order across the universe. When they weren't around, he would openly show it making snide remarks at them to his fellow Green Lanterns. After acquiring the Yellow Element and all its power. he became psychopathic. Despite all the death and destruction he was causing, he justified it as bringing order across the universe. He had no regret and remorse for killing his former comrade, but did have a level of reasoning as once the Green Lantern Core surrendered, he stopped his carnage. Even though he lost the Yellow Element to Hal Jordan when they fought, he still refused to surrender, showing he was still determined to impose his own form of twisted form of order even if he had lost everything.


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