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Once again, scientific progress is stifled by lesser creatures. The only consolation is that even failure adds to the vast reservoir of knowledge.
~ Singed in "Engineering the Nightmare".
Procured a cutthroat hiding among the populace and feigning civility. Only a disciplined eye could recognize the beast within, yearning for release. How could I refuse? For what is my work if not an attempt to reveal life's hidden truths through science?
~ Singed
I thought you would understand. The mutation must survive.
~ Singed about Rio

Singed, also known as The Mad Chemist, is a villainous playable character on the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, and serves as a major antagonist in the lore and as the overarching antagonist of Arcane. He is also the mentor of Viktor and the archenemy of Warwick.

Formerly a Piltovian scientist, the cunning yet deranged Singed turned himself in his own lab rat in an attempt to gain immortality. Now he resides in the depths of the Zaun district kidnapping valuable subjects to fulfill his desires in the investigation of human transmutation, no matter the horrible results.

One of the first champions to be designed, Singed was released on April 18, 2009. He is commonly played in the top lane.

His original voice actor is unknown. In Arcane, he is voiced by Brett Tucker.


I must warn you. If you take this path, they will despise you. Love and legacy are the sacrifices we make for progress. It's why I parted ways with Heimerdinger.
~ Singed to Viktor in Arcane.


Singed was born in the prestigious city of Piltover. Even as a child, he displayed to possess a prodigious intellect and a great sense of curiosity. Once a grown man, Singed found path in the University of Piltover, were he began to be recognized thanks to his great knowledge and research in natural sciences. Unfortunately for him, Piltover's attention was slowly dragging to something more impressive: the Hextech. The combination of technology and magic through crystals that were provided by the Ferros clan turned to be the center of attention to future scientist in the city of progress, with the exception of Singed that found it to be a ignorant's matter, a technology for those that don't know or don't want to discover how the world works. He began to be known in the University for his utterly criticism against the Hextech, instead, Singed chose to follow the paths of alchemy, the potential of chemicals and the transmutation of men. Despite his great intelligence and astonishing investigations for the field, Singed turned to be the object of ridicule and degradation of his former comrades. Alone, Singed eventually lost funding and his investigations forgotten in Piltover's history.

Forced to leave the University, Singed had to found a new life in Zaun, the district underneath Piltover. Being and almost poor district, Singed found no efforts in return his funding after using his knowledge of Chemtech for profit, which included augmenting humans, animals, or even combining both. Singed's Chemtech soon began to be topic on Zaun as the only source of technology, even initiating the rise of the Chem-Barons who would later control and isolate the district. Compromised in expanding his technology even further, Singed had to create potions and concoctions to force his biological needs to the points of suppressing them. With this he could spend hours or even days working without sleeping or eating, even managing to extend his lifespan to an inhuman degree. But immortality has a great price, and the amount of chemicals ingested turned Singed in an horrid creature with unrecognizable traits of his former self. Even worse, his psyche was beginning to decay day by day, but as long as his intellect remained intact, the Mad Chemist of Zaun could still exist to continue his experiments.

The Bomb

When Noxian invasions lead by the crazed emperor Darkwill turned out to be useless against Ionian defenders and her general Irelia, Noxian warmasons decided to put an end to the bitter stalemate with the help of genocidal weapons. The history of the Zaunite Mad Chemist reached the ears of the Noxian military commander Emystan, who sought to use Singed's knowledge to win the war. He hired the Mad Chemist to develop a powerful weapon to bend the opponent to their knees, and Singed poured all of his intellect and knowledge in developing it. The result was a horrid artifact filled with alchemical liquified fire that proved to be extremely volatile and unstable. They sought to use it against the Ionians to aid Riven's warband in Navori, but the results were so horrendous that the explosions killed both Ionians and Noxians in battle. The chemicals poured from the explosions eroded the land, transforming it on a wasteland were nothing can grow no more. When the Noxians realized that Wuju masters (leaded by Yi) that helped Ionians in that battle were a great menace for the empire, they tracked down their village and used the same chemical fire to decimate them, transforming it on a ghost town were Yi was the only survivor. The results horrified the Noxians themselves, but Singed didn't mind as long as he get paid.

Engineering the Nightmare

Long after the death of Emperor Darkwill and the rise of the Chemtech, Singed put his attentions on his next project, being the act of releasing the inner beast of men through the use of Chemtech and transform them into a chimeric predator that would terrorize Zaun. To achieve this, he had to find a valuable subject with a tough personality and high pain endurance to resist the high pain that Singed believed would be the catalyst of transmutation. Many people were captured by Singed and subdued to horrifying nights of never-ending torture, all of them resulted in failures. The number of failed subjects was so high that Singed had to use Zaun's Sump as his personal common pit, with deformed bodies piling up day by day. Singed would finally find his most valuable subject, an ex-thug called Warwick that possessed a high tolerance to pain. After many nights of drilling his bones, amputate his limbs and filling him with chemicals, Warwick would be the subject with the most close transmutation of all, but after escaping his restrains and trying to attack Singed, he finally perished to his wounds. A pity for Singed, Warwick ended up at the Sump along with the other bodies, but it wasn't pain what was needed for the transmutation, but death. Warwick arose again as a chimeric mechanically modified beast with the shape of a wolf, fox tail and bat ears. He destroyed Singed's lab and escaped, but knowing Zaun would be his hunting grounds, Singed succeeded on his experiments, and now seeks to find his creation once again to fulfill his desires of knowledge.

The Host

In another of Singed's unethical projects, he kidnapped a man codenamed "Thinker" and experimented on him, cutting open his chest and fitting the cavity with teeth. He was locked in a cage alongside another of Singed's test subjects, codenamed "Breaker", a muscular man whom was augmented to have his physical strength increased at the cost of decreasing his intelligence. Singed used his recording device to make notes as he interrogated Thinker, whom attempted to defy him at first before Singed punished him by opening a valve to blast him with cold, pressurized sump water. Thinker was knocked unconscious, and woke up with claws on his wrist and a parasite implanted into his chest as part of Singed's latest experiment. Singed threatened Thinker to state his name, but he begged for mercy, causing his captor to release an even stronger blast of water as a harsher punishment. Breaker tried to slam at the glass in rage, but fell into despair and cried while Singed made another recorded note on Breaker's attributes.

In an attempt to communicate with Singed, Thinker told him that his name was Hadri Spillwether, that he was a human being rather than an experiment and tried to make him empathize by talking about his son Locke, but Singed angrily replied by reminding Hadri of his terminal disease and how all his other family members died from it, claiming that he was only making the cure that he begged for only to refuse to supply information for him. Hadri accepted that he was going to die, but Singed told him that he wouldn't and ordered him to use Breaker as a living prosthesis. Singed talked about his plans to connect the two test subjects' minds via the parasite, but Hadri stood up to him and refused, making Singed deem him "uncooperative" and turned up the water valve to full strength, before filling the testing room with water in an attempt to drown the two. Hadri tried to talk to Breaker, whom was just as scared as him, and guided him out of the room so they could escape. When they escaped the lab, Hadri's parasite latched onto Breaker and the two became connected, having their consciousnesses uncontrollably shifting across each other's bodies. However, they were attacked by followers of Viktor, seeing the fused test subjects as an abomination.

They managed to escape and find the home of Palo (Breaker's real identity), with Hadri remembering Palo's memories and weeping in anguish, but unfortunately ran into Singed, carrying a tranquilizer dart gun, and told them that stage one of the host experiment had finally completed. He attempted to interrogate Hadri again, but the latter broke down in panic before Singed deemed "Thinker" a lost cause, before running away. Hadri remembered how Singed burned his house down with chemical fire just to lure him in, and the fused men started to chase Singed in a rage. They were lured into a dark alley, where Singed immobilized them with an adhesive, slowly poisoned them using his gas and finally slamming them with his shield, causing Palo's body to fall onto Hadri and crush him. As the linked men lay on the floor crying and being left to an agonizing death, the scientist introduces himself as Professor Singed. He makes a final note on his recording device, telling Hadri that he was "Thinker Four" and he was even more useful to him than "Thinker Two" (showing that he's done similar experiments before) and thanks him for his help, which was the last thing Hadri and Palo heard in their lives.


A specialist-type champion, Singed has a unique playstyle compared to other characters of the game. He is a tank most prone to split-pushing rather than assisting on teamfights, although he is still useful on this regard. His ability Poison Trail unleashes a poisonous gas that inflicts magic damage and will follow Singed from behind every time he takes a step. This ability combined with Fling (cc that flips the enemy behind Singed), Mega Adhesive (area slow) and his passive Noxious Slipstream (moving near a champion adds movement speed) proves to be extremely dangerous and makes Singed on a champion that can only kill if the enemy decides to chase him. Chasing a Singed proves to be tricky as he can always flip an unique target with Fling, and his ultimate Insanity Potion gives him a buff that includes extra movement speed, health and mana regeneration, making him a very hard target to kill.


You mustn't die yet; I have far too much to learn from your fragile anatomy.
~ Singed

As his name suggests, Singed has the traits of almost every mad scientist. Cunning, cruel and apathetic, Singed can perform the most horrible and inhuman acts without any show of remorse. He is an egotist and power-hungry individual that only thinks on himself, and doesn't care of the people he is hurting as long as he has profits from it. Despite this, Singed isn't a notably sadistic individual that likes to inflict pain on others, he simply doesn't care, which shows his true psychopathic personality. Despite being called mad, Singed is an extremely intelligent and cunning individual that likes to think the situation and always thinks before acting. His intellect combined with his cruelty and psychopathic tendencies makes him in a extremely dangerous and undesirable individual with little to no human traits to be shown.

In Arcane, while still being monstrous, he is shown to be cooperative with other people. Helping both Silco and Viktor with various experiments (all of which are inhumane). He is generally more polite, as he tells Viktor not be afraid of Rio. He also sedated Silco prior to his experiment with Jinx, both because he knew he would interfere, but also to spare him from seeing Jinx in horrendous pain.



  • Singed has existed since the rise of the Hextech and Darkwill's invasion on Ionia, meaning that he is at least one-hundred and twenty years old.
  • Singed's name is an anagram for the word design, a nod of how he was one of the first champions to be designed.
  • Singed was not originally characterized to be a monstrously evil character as he is now. In their old lores, Warwick was the more evil of the two while Singed was his minion, and the Mad Chemist reacted in horror upon witnessing his master's transformation into his wolf form. After the rework, Singed was retconned into becoming the sociopathic scientist that he is known as today, and Warwick was reduced to being his scientific test subject. In short, Singed's evil status originates from a continuity retcon. 
    • Singed's incarnation in Arcane appears to be more sympathetic than his original.

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