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~ Sion
War is eternal... as am I.
~ Sion
Noxian drums. Demacian screams. Glory isn't accolades; glory is hot blood on your hands! This is life! A thousand shattered corpses lie at my feet, and Demacian homes burn all around me. It's over too quickly! Just one more...
~ Sion in "In the Mind of Madness".

Sion, also known as The Undead Juggernaut, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. Once a ruthless warlord from long ago, Sion was resurrected by the Noxian High Command to use as a weapon to fulfill the empire's goals. But Sion cares little for the empire, and seeks only to satisfy his own bloodlust through his endless slaughter.

Sion was one of the original 17 champions featured in the game at launch, released on February 21, 2009, and was later reworked on October 9, 2014. He is most commonly played in the top lane.

He is voiced by Scott McNeil, who also voiced Hecarim in the same game, and also portrayed Dr. Wily in the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon, the Evil Masked Figure in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, the Overlord, Nadakhan and Clouse in LEGO Ninjago, Flam in My Little Pony, Mortum in Max Steel, and Tall Boy in Riverdale.



Over a century ago, Sion was the most feared and terrible warlord across all of Runeterra, the very embodiment of the warrior image that dominated Noxian culture since the empire's founding. In battle, Sion never retreated nor did he show restraint, for he knew he would welcome his warrior's death with open arms. Despite his reckless approach, Sion led the armies of Noxus to victory after victory through sheer brutality alone, showcasing Noxian might as kingdom after kingdom fell.

Demacian Campaign and Death

However, despite these victories, the Kingdom of Demacia in the west refused to submit to the empire's conquest. Furious, Sion took his warbands south of the Argent Mountains to finish the stubborn Demacian foes outside the Noxian city of Hvardis, where the Demacians had forced a retreat from the cowardly Noxian commander of Hvardis. Sion and his troops forced a Demacian retreat with ease, no thanks to the commander, who Sion had killed for his failures.

Sion's forces cut through Demacian lines like butter, fearless and full of rage as they sought out the Demacian leader, King Jarvan I. But as the battle raged and casualties rose, the soldiers of Hvardis retreated despite Sion's orders to stay and fight, leaving only Sion and his men surrounded by the Demacians. One by one, they were cut down until only Sion was left, pierced by blades and arrows as he charged towards Jarvan. In Sion's final breath, he tore off the king's crown and grabbed the Demacian king by the throat, strangling him until death consumed them both.


The Noxians honored Sion as a hero for his warlike spirit, and when his body was recovered, the crown of Jarvan I was still clenched in his cold, dead hands. For his tomb, Sion was placed inside a towering monument in the Immortal Bastion, which would memorialize the warlord for half a century until his tomb was once again opened by the Grand General and Emperor of Noxus himself, Boram Darkwill.

Going mad with corruption and his obsession with finding ancient magic artifacts, Darkwill was currently losing all his military campaigns and was desperate to restore the empire to its former glory. As such, the emperor recruited the Black Rose to perform a ritual to reanimate the fallen warlord, using the forbidden blood magic of Vladimir to resurrect Sion as a hulking, undead beast of nature with a furnace in his stomach and a ritual blood dagger in his head.

Sion was not given a choice to be brought back from death, nor did he even understand where or when he was. All Sion knew was that he could no longer feel any pain, and he thirsted for battle once more, an unnatural bloodlust consuming his mind. Sion was released onto the battlefield, but Darkwill soon realized the beast was uncontrollable, killing everyone in sight, including Noxians in his frenzy. Thus, Darkwill ordered Sion be captured and imprisoned once again in his tomb, dragged back in chains as he writhed in madness for many years in the darkness.

When Sion was released once more, the mad emperor was gone, replaced by Grand General Jericho Swain, though Sion either didn't notice or didn't care. All he cared about was being able to slaughter once more, and Swain was about to give Sion exactly that. Sion was chained within an iron cage and brought to Hvardis, the old city where Sion had originally died and had recently declared independence from Noxian rule. As punishment for the city's refusal to submit to Noxian rule, Swain unleashed the Undead Juggernaut upon them, leveling the entire city under the monster's revenge. Fearing for their lives, the other regions that had seceded from the empire quickly submitted to Jericho Swain, dreading a visit from the Undead Juggernaut.

Sion doesn't remember much about his old life, nor does he feel he needs to. He now understands his purpose: he is a weapon to be unleashed on the battlefield, and every time the Grand General requires his services, he will be ready to deliver for a chance to satiate his bloodlust. Within his tomb, Sion waits in agonizing madness for the doors to open, and eagerly awaits each opportunity to be unleashed on the battlefield once again.


In game, Sion is a vanguard-type champion, an offensive tank that leads the charge into team fights whilst soaking up tons of damage. Sion's passive, Glory in Death, lets Sion come back to life for a short time after dying, with rapid attacks and decaying health. Sion can charge up a Decimating Smash to strike and stun enemies in front of him, Soul Furnace to shield himself and deal damage to enemies nearby, and Roar of the Slayer shoots a shockwave that slows enemies and knocks back minions into other targets. Sion's ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught, has him charge in a direction while ramping up speed, and if he hits an enemy, he deals damage and knocks them in the air.


~ Sion

A sadistic warlord, Sion lived for battle with ruthless vigor and excessive cruelty. Unlike other generals, Sion was not known for patience or strategy and instead the opposite, using brute force and rage in every battle he fought. While Noxians interpreted this as bravery, it can also be seen as recklessness, a trait that may have been more a benefit than a setback for someone of Sion's hulking stature. Sion is quick to anger and does not tolerate failure, and now as an undead his violent tendencies are even stronger, as he is immune to pain and is driven by an insatiable bloodlust. In this state, Sion is even more sadistic than before, going mad whenever he is unable to kill for fun.





  • He has the crown of Jarvan I attached to his jaw. Additionally, the dagger in his head was coated with Jarvan IV's blood, as part of the resurrection ritual required Vladimir's blood magic.
  • Sion is in part based on Juggernaut from X-Men, as well as Garrosh Hellscream from Warcraft.
    • His name may be a reference to Darth Sion from Star Wars.
  • His dance is a reference to Chris Farley's dance for the Chippendales audition.
  • Sion's old voice was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, though his new voice was not.
    • As a reference to this, Sion now sometimes says "I'll be back" as a reference to the T-800 from Terminator.
  • "It's murdering time!" is a reference to the Thing from Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four.
  • "Yes... I like this weapon..." is a reference to the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.


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