Sipho is shapeshifter critter born by a dragon and other unknown species. He is loyalty servant of Lady Echo, also as spy of The Siblings.

As a shapeshifter, Sipho masqueraded as Joris, Ruel, and others, and his ability to imitate their behavior was well enough to fool even those close to them for extended periods. When made angry enough he turns into a massive wolf monster.

He is voiced by Keith Silverstein.


He genuinely loves Echo, feeling her in trouble is enough for him to abandon Oropo's orders.

Even when he transforms, he cannot mask the way he closes his eyes (vertically, turning them black for a split second.)



Kidnapping the demigods Kerubim, Joris and Atcham, the latter imitating his way to catch the first two that remained, with the help of the Count Harebourg and freeze them, taking them to frigost. Passing through the ruins, Sipho took Adamai with Otomai to introduce them to their owner, and convince them to join.

Season Three

The rest of the Brotherhood, sends Sipho, a "chameleon" under the appearance of Ruel. As for them, Tristepin and his former master manage to go back to the floor of the demi-god Féca.
Sipho wolf

Sipho in their wolf form.

Even if Oropo ordered him to take him Eva's third son, just taking him from her while Elely and Flopin are watching isn't a good move. After causing so much trouble to the Brotherhood and trying to kidnap the baby Percedal, it's sweet to see him being kicked in the ass by three demigod children at once.

When he sensed that his mistress was in trouble, he's immediately left the Inglorium, to come to his aid. Before Lady Echo's sacrifice, she sends her servant Sipho to the portal before blowing it up; not before stroking his head, as a sign of gratitude for his performance and firm loyalty to her.


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