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Ancient prophecy foretold, that the beloved Princess Demurra, would be kidnapped by King Draykor, the evil dragon king, who hungry for power, stole her away to his Labyrinth of Delusion! And now, only one hero can rescue her: Her one true love. And once he saves her, they will live happily ever after, and use their compatible features to produce many attractive offspring, who will also live happily ever after! And I, Sir Brad Starlight, am...
~ Sir Brad Starlight just before the episode title.

Sir Brad Starlight is the main antagonist of the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Hero".

He was voiced by James Marsden, who also played the Blue Genie in the 2016 reiteration of The Powerpuff Girls.


The Hero

When Brad's love, Demurra, was "kidnapped" by the Dragon King, Daykor, he inlisted the aid of Wander and Sylvia to assist in his quest (and by assist, he just wants them to act as his goofy sidekick and noble steed). During the quest, however, he was very insistent on doing everything according to "The Prophecy", and was generally mean, egotistical and wants all the glory for himself; not to mention completely incompetent. In the end, it is revealed that Princess Demurra is actually in love with Draykor, not him, and "The Prophecy" was just a bunch of stuff he wrote in his diary. However, Brad doesn't care that the princess loves someone else and attempts to kidnap her, but she saves herself. He was tied up by Princess Demurra and was arrested by King Draykor & The Hog soldiers.

The Enemies

He then reappears in the episode "The Enemies", where attempts to steal the all-powerful Sword of Synergy before Lord Hater, and ends up working with him to destroy Wander, who he blames for ruining his wedding (which really isn't true), only to break up with him when the sword breaks.

The Hot Shot

Brad Starlight masquerades himself as a mysterious silent hero, slaying Lord Dominator's robots. When his true identity is later revealed, he explains that this was all a ruse to earn glory and kiss princesses, getting help by his cousin who controlled a fake Dom-Bot. While trying to rescue a castle full of damsels, Starlight unknowingly faces off against an actual Dom-Bot, nearly costing him his life until Wander and Sylvia come to his aid. Brad takes the credit and, to his dismay, is smooched by a lamprey-like princess. An animatic reveals that Brad married the lamprey princess and raised a family with her.  


All I wanna do is save my one true love and have everyone know how great a hero I am, just like the prophecy says, AND YOU'RE RUINING IT, YOU'RE RUINING IT, YOU'RE RUINING IT!!!
~ Brad showing his true nature.

Sir Brad genuinely believes himself to be in a fairytale where he is the hero.

He will not allow any deviation from anyone under his delusion and expects them to act accordingly to their conceived roles in his story. He treats Sylvia as a dumb animal despite her clear intelligence, and treats the princess as a helpless damsel even when she is quite capable and clearly in no danger.

When faced with anything that is against how he believes things should work, he whines like a spoiled child about how it should be.


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