Fun is overrated! If you're gonna be a champion, I suggest you start acting like one!
~ Trenton to his son Pride after he catches him playing with Stripes.

Sir Trenton is the father of Trenton's Pride, a racehorse who was a three-time winner of the Kentucky Open and one of the main antagonists of Racing Stripes.

He was voiced by the late Fred Thompson, who also played Big D in the Pixar short Mater's Tall Tales Mater Private Eye.


Sir Trenton is an arrogant, gruff black thoroughbred who sees his son Pride having no purpose other than to to carry on the Trenton legacy. Trenton also sees the Kentucky Open as his property and believes that Stripes might ruin it, and is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Stripes from racing, even if he has to resort to aggression.

He wants Stripes out of the pictures hoping his goons to kill Stripes and Sandy. He was about to murder Sandy if Stripes wins the Kentucky Open. He calls Tucker a rail old rat and threatens to kill him by calling him a rail and hoping he would kill him for interfering when his friends are escaping the stables because his animal freak show had got in his way for the last time and also, those legs will not carry Tucker far.

When hiring his goons kill the zebra, Trenton never shows sympathy or remorse or compassion and threatens to kill Sandy and Tucker for not getting thanks to him. Tucker and Trenton got into a rivalry and he said that he will never beat a Trenton. Stripes would’ve brutally beaten to death if Sir Trenton wins and killing Sandy.

All in all, Trenton is an arrogant jerk who will stop at nothing to keep his winning streak intact. He will murder anyone who gets in his way.


At the fence between Nolan Walsh's farm and the racetrack, Stripes meets two young horse foals training to race, Trenton's Pride and Ruffshodd, but when they have fun racing with Stripes, Pride's father, Sir Trenton, notices catches and confronts the two foals. When Pride states that they were only having fun, Trenton retorts that "Fun's overrated". and that he has to start acting like champion. Trenton then forbids the two foals from playing with Stripes again.

Years later, Trenton sees adult Pride & Ruffshodd chatting with Stripes, and tells Stripes "Stop bothering my son." Ruffshodd claims that he and Pride were trying get Stripes to stop bothering them, but Trenton won't buy it. He then leaves.

Later at the Kentucky practice, Trenton tells Stripes that he is a zebra, not a racehorse. Trenton then tells Stripes that he will never be a racehorse and leaves. Stripes is discouraged by this revelation. But his friends help him overcome it. When Shetland Pony, Tucker (who had trained Trenton without getting any thanks from him) states that he is in for a huge surprise, Trenton scoffs "You'll NEVER beat a Trenton."

When Trenton hears that Stripes has been signed in to race, he is furious and is willing to stop him. When Pride insists that he can win the race fair and square, Trenton blows him off by ignoring him, stating that he is unwilling to take that risk.

On the night before the race, Sir Trenton and several other thoroughbred (excluding Pride) ambush Stripes and racing jumper Sandy while they make up for an argument they had the previous day. Trenton stated that Stripes will get murdered from tomorrow’s race card.  Trenton then kidnaps Sandy and threatening to hurt and kill her if he races while another horse knocks Stripes unconscious. His goons would’ve brutally beat Stripes to death while Tucker, Franny and Goose woke up him by the lake.

At his shed stables at the racetrack, Trenton has forced Sandy into her own stable. Trenton instructs Pride to win the race, at all cost, with Pride stating he'll do his best. While Trenton listens to his Mozart. Goose the Pelican, Franny the Goat and Tucker the pony then arrive at the stables to save Sandy, thinking of a way to distract him. Goose tries to defecate and poop on him, but misses and instead crashes into a wall, causing a bucket to fall on his head and at Sir Trenton's mercy.

Before Trenton can finish Goose off, Buzz and Scuzz distract the racer by luring him into his own stable, and locking him inside of it. Tucker and Franny free Sandy. Sir Trenton roars at Tucker that he called him an old rail rat, and he might’ve known he behind this. He and his friends have gotten in his way for the last time, those legs won’t carry him far and he will threatens to kill Stripes, Sandy, Tucker and Franny for interfering and reputations the racehorse.

As the furious Sir Trenton watches them leave, he violently bangs his hooves on his stable door. Trenton manages to escape and he follows the group to the fence at Nolan's farm. Trenton furiously states to Stripes that "The affections of a filly" do not make him a race horse. Stripes retorts that he does not want to be a race horse, he is a zebra going to the big race. Trenton watches them leave for the racetrack with a cold look on his face. But then said, "You runts don't know what you're in for." meaning that he's a little bit worried about what will happen.

Sir Trenton is not seen again in the film, and it is unknown how he reacted when Stripes won the race at the film's end. After Stripes won the race, Sir Trenton would’ve redeem himself.



Sir Trenton plans to kill Stripes for winning the race because he will not allow him to run in his competition. He is often rudely calling him a beast as well.

He is very rude to Stripes and often he became vicious, murderous, even dangerous. He often is very greedy, jealous, boastful, manipulative, bold, audacious, calculating, abusive, dangerous, violent, cruel, evil, petty, selfish, sarcastic, destructive, arrogant, cunning, ruthless, traitorous, stubborn, murderous, treacherous, uncaring, anti-intellectual, remorseless, outright, short-tempered, callous, merciless, sadistic, envious, vengeful, rude, mean, powerful, aggressive, cold, judgmental, strict, short-tempered, strong, mighty, stern, fatherly, stubborn, strict, prejudicial, contemptuous, argumentative, curmudgeonly, persuasive, stubborn, tyrannical, blameworthy, manipulative, imperialistic, uncompromising, materialistic, treacherous, diabolical, sarcastic, uncaring, mean, gruff, cold-hearted, selfish, arrogant, stony-hearted, devilish, hateful, sardonic, ruthless, snobbish, unfair, aggressive, cocky, naive, competitive, cheater, boastful, overconfident, annoying, deceitful, sneaky, threatening, scheming, terrifying, sadistic, bloodthirsty, sinister, cruel, treacherous, dishonest, envious, pitiless, ungrateful, merciless to other racehorses who threatens to kill Sandy if Stripes races. Hoping he will get thought a lesson.

He often insults Stripes by saying that will never be a racehorse and even, Stripes was nothing of the kind and often he does not like him, stated that Stripes will be taught a lesson, hiring his goons to kill him. But, unfortunately, hoping he will get hurt. He never shows remorses and often shouts at Stripes because the affections of Sandy don’t make him a racehorse, but if Stripes wins the race, he would murder anyone who gets in his way,


He often kidnap her and threatened to murder her in a cold blood if Stripes races. He often lock Sandy in her stables and calls her a little girl.


Tucker is one of ungrateful training racehorses. According to this, He is also one of Tucker's ungrateful former racehorses-in-training before Nolan and Tucker retired from training.


Hey kid! See what happens when you forget your place? The racetrack is no place for a zebra. (Stripes: What'd you call me?) A zebra, which is what you are. You didn't really think you were a horse did you? (Stripes: But I am a horse. A racehorse!) You're nothing of the kind. You're lunch for a lion, and that's about it. One thing's for sure, kid. You will NEVER be a racehorse.
~ Sir Trenton revealing to Stripes that he's a zebra and insulting him.
They can't be serious! This will NOT STAND. I will not allow that beast to run in my competition! (Pride: Please, Father! Don't interfere, I can win it fair and square.) That is not a risk I'm willing to take!
~ Trenton vowing to stop Stripes from racing.
Well, this is disappointing.
Listen you, I want you to stop bothering my son and you can tell Tucker I said that. Trenton’s pride is a champion with a real future and you’ll have your place
~ Sir Trenton catches Stripes on the fence
You and I will talk about this later
~ Sir Trenton scolding Pride
You'll never beat a Trenton.
~ Trenton confronting Tucker on the fence
How the hell can they allow this to happen.
~ Trenton angered at Stripes
How can they allow this to happen?
You there. See what happens when you forget your place? A racetrack is no place for a zebra.
Well, well, well. What have we here? Beauty and the Beast.
~ Sir Trenton catching Stripes on the lake with Sandy
I'm afraid there's been a change of plans, zebra. You're about to get scratched from tomorrow's race card.
~ Sir Trenton threatening to murder Stripes from race card.
Oh, Don’t fret bout her. As long as if you don’t race tomorrow, I wouldn't dream of harming her. You, on the other hand need to be taught a lesson. SHOW HIM!KILL HIM!!!!'
~ Trenton threatening Sandy's life if Stripes racing before having his goons knock the zebra unconscious.
Hush, now, little girl. You're interfering with my Mozart. I wonder if he was a thoroughbred.
~ Sir Trenton insulting Sandy
How did you get in here? Say your prayers, Pelican. Your lights are about to go out for good.
~ Trenton about to finish off Goose
~ Sir Trenton witness the commotion
~ Trenton yelling at Tucker while after they freeing Sandy while threatening to kill him while Franny and Tucker were rescuing Sandy.
YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS! (Sandy: Leave us alone, Trenton.) You and your foolish friends have accomplished nothing! The affections of a filly DO NOT MAKE YOU A RACEHORSE! (Stripes: You know something, Sir Trenton? I don't wanna be a racehorse. I'm a zebra and I'm going to the big race.)
~ Trenton yells at Stripes because his friends even accomplished but the affections of his Gang never make him a racehorse yet they actually did.
You fool. You runts don’t know what you’re in for.
~ Sir Trenton's last line as he watches Stripes and the others leave.


  • Early articles stated that Sir Trenton was originally voiced by Patrick Stewart. However, Stewart has other commitments during production so Fred Thompson took over.
  • Sir Trenton shares several similarities with Steele from Balto. He also shares similarities with Kerchak from Tarzan, Chick Hicks from Cars, Scar from The Lion King and Kron from Dinosaur.
    • Both won championships
    • Both pick on Heroes (Steele; Balto, Sir Trenton; Stripes)
    • Both get defeated
    • He is also similar to Chick. Both nearly killed the heroes (The King; Stripes)
  • Sir Trenton threatens to kill Sandy if Stripes races. This makes Trenton one of the dangerous villains.
  • There's a deleted scene of Trenton having an alternate pep talk with Pride in his stables.
  • He is similar to Bosco from Marmaduke.
  • Although, he is the main antagonist, Sir Trenton shares a few minutes
  • Sir Trenton is similar to Kerchak from Tarzan; But unlike Trenton, Kerchak is the anti-hero and he accepts Tarzan in the end. The only difference is Kerchak is cold and judgemental while Sir Trenton is heartless and crewel; unlike Kerchak, however, he treated Stripes with disdain and threats to kill him.
  • Sir Trenton is similar to Steele from Balto; They both bully the protagonists at every turn and are determined to win, even if they have to resort to cheating, which ends badly for them.
  • Sir Trenton is similar to Kron from Dinosaur; they both are grumpy characters and both bully the protagonists (Aladar; Stripes) and both kidnapped the love interests (Neera; Sandy), but unlike Trenton, Kron takes her sister with her.


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