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The story of the Siren Head from the Trevor Henderson mythos.


Siren Head at a graveyard, the first known photo of Siren Head created.

Originally, Siren Head was created back in 2018, by the Canadian horror-type artist known as Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. His other creations include Cartoon Cat, the Country Road Creature, the Bridge Worms, the Man with the Upside-Down Face, the Smile Room, the Good Boy, the Lamb, the Man in the Red Room, the Fetid King, the Giants and Long Horse.

The first photo of Siren Head he made was the one featuring Siren Head at a graveyard, in which he wrote a story about. Henderson also mentioned that Siren Head is very similar to the famous creepypasta character today known as Slender Man, as both of the characters got edited into real-life photos with a story being written regarding them.

Henderson also goes on to explain that Siren Head isn't a human, although Siren Head does have a voice and can possibly speak a language. Specifically, Siren Head does not have any eyes, so it is possible that Siren Head uses other senses in order to orientate in space (like echolocation), though Siren Head’s use of camouflage says otherwise. However, Trevor has stated Siren Head does not actually need eyes, ears, a nose, or the ability to feel vibrations to be able to find prey due to its supernatural nature.[1] He has also confirmed that Siren Head is not of this reality.[2]

According to Henderson, people all over the world started sending their own photos to Henderson, with the intention of having Siren Head or another cryptid made by Henderson get added into the image.

In Trevor's Mythos


Siren Head is a 40-foot-tall unusual skeleton creature with a heavily emaciated, near-skeletal frame covered in dried, mummified flesh the color of rusty metal. Its limbs are disproportionately long and thin, with arms as long as its legs, ending in huge, bony hands. In place of its head and neck is a thin pole of flesh with two metal sirens attached on either side (hence the name) and several black wires snaking around its "neck" and into its upper shoulders, pressed against its abdomen. These speakers are the only metal parts of its body, fused to the neck by tendrils of skin and capable of swivelling around it much like the head of an owl. Some images depict Siren Head's speakers with toothy, lipless, human-like jaws and a long, thin, retractable snake-like tongue, though Henderson has said that the teeth are only visible on a certain radiofrequency.

Due to its name, Siren Head's speakers can play various types of loud noises, typically air raid sirens, garbled music, conversations, imitations of people close to the victims, numbers station broadcasts or emergency broadcasts. Trevor has revealed that Siren Head is able to pick up sounds it hears from the airwaves and “repurpose” them and while it doesn’t make sense to us, it is a conscious choice on its part. This makes Siren Head a very clever creature.

When mimicking a human, a distinctive distortion in the voices is always present, due to the sounds being played through sirens instead of vocal chords or other organic means of creating noise.

As expected, Siren Head is very a hostile and dangerous creature, as it is known to be very fast and always being camouflaged and hidden. Siren Head is mainly found in rural towns, wooden areas and sometimes in dry forests. The victims of Siren Head are lost travelers, hikers and even children. If the sounds of someone in distress are released, it can be a method of Siren Head trying to lure the victims into the woods. Since Siren Head can blend in very well within trees, people do not notice it. It could make its brutal attack at any time and capture its victims, while the sound of their loved ones talking are being played from Siren Head's sirens.

Trevor has recently posted another drawing of Siren Head along with another concept of Siren Head’s anatomy. He states that he likes the idea that Siren Head’s body is “stuffed full of loose cassette tapes and giant pulsing reel-to-reel tape recorder, connected by organic fibers and veins.” It is possible that these tapes store the various noises that Siren Head broadcasts, however, this has not been confirmed yet. Trevor has also said that is possible that Siren Head “consistently changes” over the years, or that its appearance could somehow be incomprehensible to humans, so our eyes just see the closest approximation to its actual appearance. However, he has yet to confirm either option.

Hunting Tactics

Siren Head mainly uses an ambush strategy to hunting, disguising itself in deep forest or rural areas before attacking its prey. With its sound-based abilities, it can mimic other sounds (music, talking, alerts, sirens, etc.) to lure in prey or drown out someone's cry for help with its sound-based abilities. It is also possible Siren Head can concentrate its sounds into a large sonic blast or a specific tone to take out a large group of people. It is yet unknown what Siren Head does to its caught prey, be it eating them or making them disappear without a trace.


The first sighting of Siren Head occurred in 1966, when a family on vacation in Arizona Desert captured an image of Siren Head near two telephone poles. In 1978,[3] nine-year-old Katherine went missing after she tried to investigate strange noises from the woods near her family’s backyard. Her sister reported that Katherine heard the voice of her mother calling to them, but it was “wrong and echoey.” A few years later in 1984, four teenagers went camping in the Allegheny National Park in Pennsylvania. After they were reported missing, one of them turned up on his family’s doorstep alone, saying that his friends were taken by something huge in the woods. No traces of the others were found except a sneaker that fell from the tallest bough of a tree just a year later.

Six years later in 1990, a park ranger in the King’s Canyon National Park finds a man clinging to a sequoia tree branch 20 feet off the ground who doesn’t seem to respond to any of his commands. When rescue operations were underway, the man was discovered dead, with many of the tissues in his face like the ear-drums and eyes having been somehow ruptured. In 1992, a drifter claimed to have seen “something as tall as a telephone pole striding through the trees” near New Hope, Pennsylvania. She said the head resembled a telephone pole with speakers hanging off of it, and that “it sang like an old song from the radio.”

About three years later on July 16, 1995, Chad Gouwicke and his friends were hiking in the woods of Tanyard Creek, where they found Siren Head to be lurking. According to Chad, his friends got snatched by something gigantic striding through the trees, which mimicked their voices. Chad was found alive with a few injuries, while the friends were gone, either taken or killed by Siren Head. In total, there have been about thirteen reports of Siren Head or activity caused by him, with the possibility of many more being undiscovered considering the creature’s age.

One example is a photo of Siren Head on the streets in Indiana, where citizens started disappearing. However, these many incidents are not the first depictions of Siren Head. Ancient cave paintings of Siren Head depicting him engaged in combat with ancient humans have been found all over the continent of North America, which indicates that Siren Head is not a new species on Earth. There have been also sightings of creatures that resemble Siren Head but lack similar features, though these sightings are implied to just be the same Siren Head shapeshifting into different forms to adapt to new environments as Trevor confirmed that Siren Head is the only one of its species when he responded to an ask on Tumblr about his creations possibly being part of a species; he name drops Siren Head, Long Horse, Bonesworth and Mr. Mascot as a few of the monsters that are the only one of their kind.

For example, a photo of Siren Head was posted where it appears to have taken on the form of a streetlight, standing in a position where it's trying to blend in with the other streetlights lining the sidewalk. It is very possible that Siren Head has the ability to transform into various structures in order to better blend into its surroundings and lure its victims. However, there are also theories his Siren Head is actually a hostile species, that there used to be a lot of creatures similar to Siren Head which are now deceased and Siren Head is the last remaining member of its species and is always on the move to eat and survive. 

Trevor has posted another possible sighting of Siren Head which is noticeably very different from the usual sightings.[4] The picture appears to show a variation of Siren Head with many more sirens on its neck with about five being visible. The caption also describes how a majority of the population (either of a neighborhood or a small town) were found dead in their homes or on the streets with burst eardrums and soft tissues, which is odd as Siren Head has not done anything similar to this before. The fact that many of the corpses were not taken by Siren Head has led someone to theorize that it killed them for sport, though this theory is not confirmed as many people were also reported missing, meaning that they could have been taken by Siren Head for food or other reasons. It is still unknown why Siren Head had used this unconventional killing tactic.

Trevor recently posted another photo of Siren Head, in which he is on a field. The person speaking says that they see a lot of weird things while driving a truck across the country, as their eyes play tricks. This time, it (Siren Head) looked like something someone built, like a gigantic scarecrow. It was set up by the road almost like a silhouette. When the person drove back the same way, Siren Head was gone.

Other Media

Video Games

Siren Head

Siren Head as it appears in the video game Siren Head.

A video game developer known as Modus Interactive,[5] created a video game named Siren Head.[6] Henderson had no connections with the game being developed, except the creator asked Henderson if he is able to create the game. Henderson approved with the expectation of being credited in the game.

The player is portraying a forest ranger who is supposed to escape from Siren Head inside of the woods while searching for a missing hiker. At the beginning of the game, the player starts at two ramps with their car. The player then turns around and explores the woods, hearing a noise in the distance that sounds like a siren.

Further on, the player sees various scratch marks along the ground and a few items such as a backpack and a T-shirt covered in bushes. At the end of the woods, the player finds the mutilated dead traveler with blood on the ground. Once the player turns around, Siren Head appears behind the player. Siren Head would then start chasing the player with releases of various sounds playing through its head sirens, slashing its claws when it gets close to the player. The player's goal is to run away back into the car and escape Siren Head.

If Siren Head gets close enough to the player, glitch-effects would start appearing and Siren Head would eventually grab the player and kill them instantly by lifting and dropping them to the ground.

Whispering Hills

On October 16, 2019, another video-games and mod developer known as "Mangaclub," created a mod known as Whispering Hills, for the video game Fallout 4, which features Siren Head in it. In the mod, Siren Head is roaming the woods of Commonwealth, with the area around Siren Head being radiated. As expected, Siren Head is constantly releasing radio signals, siren sounds and help calls. If the protagonist is too close to Siren Head, different creatures would attack the protagonist, while the Siren Head is going towards the protagonist, trying to cause damage also.

If the protagonist manages to kill Siren Head, other creatures would attack the protagonist. Even though this mod was obviously fan-made, a YouTuber known as "CallMeArktag," created a video playing the mod. As of today, the video has 14 million views on YouTube and it definitely increased Siren Head's popularity on the internet, giving it more exposure to the world.

Siren Head '95

Russian user thuleanpanteon posted a video game on titled Siren Head 95[7] and had a trailer uploaded to Youtube on December 7, 2019.[8] Trevor Henderson had nothing to do with this game, but he is credited.

Siren Head 95 has 2D black and white pixelated visuals with a fish eye lens. The player is told to "Find Chad" by going right. The player is only equipped with a flashlight that sometimes doesn't work and turns off. After going into the woods for some minutes, a loud emergency alert can be heard coming from Siren Head. After going right for a couple more minutes, a white Siren Head can be found and chases you down. It will always catch up to the player and suddenly bring you to a different part of the forest.

There are different endings. The first ending starts with Siren Head coming towards the player quicker than usual. The flashlight can be used to slow it down and it seems to be afraid or discomforted by light. Since the light does turn off by itself occasionally, the player will soon be caught and be sent back to the beginning to restart the game.

The second ending begins with Siren Head walking at the player much slower than before. The player will eventually stumble upon other lights and some houses. If the homes have been reached, the game will close.


Main article: Siren Head (2020 Game)

In 2020, another Siren Head game was released, this time by Isolation Interactive. Siren Head here is far more morally aware then in Trevor's mythos, taunting the protagonist as he tries to save his friends.


Everybody gangsta, till the sirens start walking.
~ Alex's description of the video.

On April 30th, 2020, a Tik-Tok user and film-maker, known as Alex Howard, released a video of Siren Head appearing in a blue-skyline of a town, in which Siren Head is releasing a loud sound as gunfire and police sirens are heard.[9] The video used the sirens of a tornado warning in 2010. In a single week, the video had 3.3 million likes and above 23,000,000 views. The video was reposted by the user, Jetblacksean on Twitter, where it gained 3.2,000,000 views, 205,900 likes and above 63,400 retweets.

After the video got released, people started changing the original added sound, into whatever they wanted. For example, another user known as "Largetrap," released a video where Siren Head danced to one of the most famous YouTube songs known as "Gangam Style," by PSY.[10] Other users also started taking images of Siren Head and started attaching various meme-type captions underneath the pictures.