(Siren 4: You were right all along!) No, I was just... Wait a second. Ellie would NEVER say that. No, no! They're not real! They're monsters! They're sirens! (The Sirens reveal their true form.) Don't listen to them! (Manny poorly sings The Candy Man to block their singing.) No! They may look real, but they're not! They're going to destroy the ship!
~ Manfred the Mammoth realizes quickly that he and his gang are in danger as the Sirens appear.

The Sirens are minor antagonists of Ice Age: Continental Drift. They are fish-like carnivorous animals with needle-sharp teeth that resided near an island. They are based on the sirens of Greek mythology, which were legendary sea nymphs depicted to lure sailors to their deaths through their enchanting voices (in this case, their voices when impersonating someone sound like the being they're impersonating, albeit sounding autotuned). In the film, they trick the heroes and the film's main antagonist, Captain Gutt.


Sirens are sea creatures that are hungry for flesh. They usually lie on long rock outcroppings near the ocean, where they would try to lure in any creatures that got close by casting images of whatever they found most attractive, be it loved ones, an attractive potential mate or even, in the case of Scrat, the Saber-toothed squirrel, items, such as Scrat's prized acorn. Scrat, trying to bury the 'acorn' accidentally kills the siren, leading the others to pretend to be acorns and chase him.

At the end of the film, the sirens, detecting more prey, found Gutt, a piratical Gigantopithechus, in a cave.  And one of them appeared before him as a mermaid of his kind, lying in a bounty of fruit inside a massive shell. She soon managed to seduce Gutt, but revealed her true form when he got too close to her, grabbing the ape by the lips, and pulling him in as the shell closed. All that could be heard of Gutt are screams of pain as more sirens swam towards for the shell.



  • Whether the Sirens are truly evil or not is up for debate, as while they tried to devour The Herd and possibly succeeded in devouring Captain Gutt, they could be just fierce predators that are trying to survive in a changing world. Furthermore, when Scrat trampled the Siren who posed as his acorn to its death, the other Sirens immediately proceed to hit him as acorns in the same way he killed the Siren, proving that they indeed care for each other of their kind.
  • Unlike real mermaids who have the real yet seductive appearance and only use the corner to attract, they use the corner for both cases.
  • Manny poorly sings the song The Candy Man when the Sirens reveal their true for the first time.
  • It is possible that the Sirens are the evolutionary descendants of lobe-finned fish that started developing limbs.


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