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Sister Abraham is one of the antagonists in the webcomic series Sister Claire.


Abraham is a very violent and fanatical woman. She is shown to deeply hate witches to the point that she's absolutely willing to kill children if it meant that no more witches would be realized. It is possible that she may have had a bad encounter with one, since her right eye is greatly scarred.


Abraham was a member of the Helsing Branch, a group of nun extremists who sought to purge the world of witches. When Abraham was introduced to the webcomic, it is revealed that she and her colleagues had burned Olga's abbey to the ground, with children and other people still inside of it. Later on, Abraham met with the Superior Nun, Yolanda, and then proceeded to poison her by placing something into her tea. When Abraham realized that Sister Catharine had some witch's blood in her, she proceeded to set the room on fire. Thankfully, Catharine survived this encounter, only barely. Abraham and her colleagues later left.


  • She is based on Jonah Hex and Van Helsing, hence the name of the nuns being the Helsing Branch.
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