Have you seen this little girl?
~ Edward Malus to Sister Honey
(insane laughter)
~ Sister Honey

Sister Honey is the secondary antagonist of the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, alongside Sister Summersisle, and she is played by LeeLee Sobieski. She is one of the leaders of Summerisle island, and is in charge of the cult.

Edward first sees Sister Honey when he is shown to his room. He finds her odd but doesn't think anything else of it. Later on when he goes to ask her if she has seen Rowan Woodward, his possible daughter, she just laughs maniacally. He has a talk with her about the island and its customs, which he finds unsettling.

Sister Honey is later shown to be misandric and quite insane, she is shown to be orchestrating traps for Edward which take the form of mind games. She is later shown to be entirely naked and covered in bees, which Edward is allergic to, and represent his worst fear. When Edward sees Sister Honey covered in bees, she just smiles sinisterly at him.

Edward knocks out Sister Beech later on in a fit of rage, and Sister Honey runs in and attacks Edward. The two of them have a fight and Sister Honey seems to get the upper hand. She begins trying to strangle him, but Edward punches her out too and steals Beech's costume.

Edward breaks into the coven and finds Rowan but its revealed she was one of the coven. Sister Honey returns in time for the sacrifice with the Wicker Man and she gets her vengeance on Edward as he is burned alive.

Later on, two off-duty policemen are at a Californian bar where they see Sister Willow and Sister Honey, who is in a charming outfit, and she seduces one of the policemen. This is possibly in reference to the first movie, where the protagonist was a policeman. Sister Honey is preparing to take the policemen back as sacrifices and begin the ritual again.