Sitan is an ancient dark god from Filipino mythology, his role is the same as that of the monotheistic Satan, the guardian of Kasamaan (the ancient Tagalog version of Hell) and all of the souls within he had four agents tasked to tempting and ruining mankind.

Like his Biblical counterpart Satan, Sitan was opposed to Bathala (the supreme god of the Tagalog pantheon) and all other deities, being feared and reviled as a malicious and destructive entity.

Agents of Sitan


She was the first agent of Sitan and was primarily blamed as the cause of diseases. Sometimes, she would change herself into a human form, appearing as a false healer. If she wished to kill someone, she employed a magic wand.


The second agent of Sitan, she was tasked to destroy and break every happy and united family that she could find.


The only male agent of Sitan, he was to emit fire at night and when there was bad weather. Like his fellow agents, he could change his form to that of a healer and then induce fire at his victim's house. If the fire were extinguished immediately, the victim would eventually die. His name remains today as "witch".


The last agent of Sitan could change herself into any form she desired. She could kill someone by simply raising her hand and could heal without any difficulty as she wished. Her name literally means "crone" or "hag".