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Villain Overview

Six is the central character of the indie horror video game series Little Nightmares, serving as the main protagonist of Little Nightmares, a supporting character in Very Little Nightmares, and the deuteragonist of Little Nightmares 2.

Despite her role as the meek victim of The Maw's terrors, a case could be made for her villainous habits due to the devouring of The Runaway Kid, murder of The Lady, and usage of the latter's powers to slaughter other monstrous denizens of The Maw.

She is voiced by Anna Moberg and Hilda Liden.


Very Little Nightmares

In Very Little Nightmares, she appears at the end of the game where The Child in the Yellow Raincoat helped her to escape The Pretender. Doing so prompted Six to aid the little girl by dropping a bolder on The Pretender, but it only temporarily knocked her out and broke the ledge that they were standing on. Both the Pretender and the Raincoat girl fall into the water, and Six is last seen walking down the ledges toward the water.

Little Nightmares

In Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw, Six's role is minor, seen locked up in a cage alongside The Runaway Kid and being seen crossing the shoe room.

In the base version of Little Nightmares, Six gains her main protagonist role. Somehow escaping the clutches of the gargantuan goons and sent into hiding, she is soon inspired to escape The Maw after a nightmare about The Lady. After being briefly captured by The Janitor and following a lengthy battle of wits between the two before Six succeeds with severing his arms. Following this scene, she then devours a live rat, the first true sign of her ravenous gluttony. After besting The Twin Chefs in the kitchens, she heads off to the guest arena, fending against both The Lady and The Maw's hungry, swarming guests. Her hunger also once more returns to plague her, turning The Runaway Kid in Nome form into a unlucky snack. Following The Lady into her living quarters, she eventually fights, bests, and murders her by a bite to the neck. Gaining her powers, she drains the life-force of the various guests before finally escaping.

Little Nightmares comic series

Six made two appearances in the Little Nightmares comic series. In the series, it was revealed that she was brought to The Maw by a mysterious figure known as The Ferryman in a boat. Before this, she was wondering the streets of the town that the guests inhabited. Once seeing her, they chased after her.

In the series, she is seen evading the same main enemies as she did in the first game. The difference is that in the comic series, she discovered a group of other children and decided to survive with them. While with them, they exchanged stories with her about their past experiences. The first was about the boy who evaded The North Wind. In the second issue, she brought them a music box with a mirror in it which caused one of the children to panic and explain their encounter with the Mirror Monster.

Little Nightmares 2

Six is discovered by Mono, Little Nightmares 2's protagonist, in a cage in a cabin owned by a rifle-wielding monster known only as The Hunter. While originally hesitant to stick with Mono, Six quickly decides to cooperate with him and the two escape, fleeing the forest in which the Hunter resides and eventually killing him with another rifle. The two children then use a door as a raft, sailing across a large body of water and entering the Pale City. They then enter a school, filled with psychotic porcelain Bullies and run by a cruel, long-necked Teacher. Six is temporarily taken hostage by The Bullies, but is freed by Mono. The two narrowly escape The Teacher and journey further into the city; on the way, Six dons her iconic yellow raincoat for the first time. They then enter a hospital, encountering the mannequin-like Patients and their creator, an obese Doctor who is later killed by the two children when they trap him in an incinerator. Traveling even further into the city, they encounter The Viewers, who have been twisted by television signals emitted by the Signal Tower, run by a being called the Thin Man. The Thin Man suddenly appears and captures Six, forcing Mono to navigate the city and eventually destroy the Thin Man.

Six is later encountered within the Signal Tower, now having been transformed into a massive beast controlled by a music box. Mono destroys it and returns Six back to normal, but the tower begins to collapse and the two are forced to flee. Pursued by the tower's core, a mass of flesh and eyes, the children attempt to jump across a chasm - however, only Six is able to make the jump and Mono is left hanging on to her hand. In a sudden turn of events, Six lets go of Mono, allowing him to fall into the depths of the tower, an act which eventually leads to Mono becoming the Thin Man himself. In the game's secret ending, Six encounters a mysterious shadow version of herself, which leads her to a poster of The Maw. Six's stomach growls, hinting to the events of the first game.


Tiny compared to the other characters in the game, Six wears a long yellow raincoat over a white gown. Her black hair covers her eyes, leaving the only parts of her face visible being her nose and mouth.


Although she doesn't speak and helps The Girl throughout Very Little Nightmares, Six bares the signs of an anti-heroic figure, not caring about the other prisoners on The Maw (possibly due to her failure to save The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat), and only focusing on her survival. She is quite intelligent, resourceful, and stealthy, successfully solving puzzles, evading capture, and figuring out The Lady's weakness. She also is pained with routine hunger through out the game, eventually escalating into devouring the protagonist in the game's prequel DLC even when he offered her existing food.

In Little Nightmares 2, we were introduced to more of Six's personality. When she first met Mono, she pushed him out of her way and ran for the exit. She later decided to accept his aid and even help him as she saw that it would better her odds of her survival. While she waited for Mono to get a battery in The Hospital, she is seen breaking the fingers of a non-functional mannequin hand. After the Doctor was burned alive, she sat in front of the smoke deposit and warmed her hands as though it were a cozy camp-fire.

When Six was in her monster form, she became a wrathful being who only cared about her music box. While Mono attempted to destroy it in order to restore her to her former-self, she emitted high-pitched screams and tried to crush him. After it was destroyed, she returned back to normal and she along with Mono ran away from the now closing in Flesh Walls. Eventually, they reached a bridge to an exit, and Mono had to jump to her so that she could save him. She grabbed him and hung onto him for a while, but she then let him go, most likely because she no longer needed him.


  • Canonically, Six is nine years old.
  • Whenever Six is eating, the dark version of her stands nearby and watches.
  • Originally, Six had the ability to attract nearby creatures/people via a whistle sound.
  • It was mentioned by the creators of Little Nightmares on Twitter that Six does not like vegetables.
  • Six is the only playable character in the Little Nightmares series to not die at the end of their journey thus far.
  • Six is the only character to appear in every installment so far.

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