Six is the protagonist villain of the 2017 videogame Little Nightmares. She is the mysterious hooded girl who, for reasons unknown, has been trapped in a hellish giant restaurant called The Maw. Over the course of her struggle to survive and finding the way out of the floating entertainment facility, she has to endure episodes of hunger and, overwhelmed by said hunger and the horrors she endures, Six goes through the darker turn of her character development.

Ultimately, by cannibalizing the Runaway Kid, a friendly Nome who offered her a meal, and eventually stealing The Maw's proprietor's dark powers by eating her flesh, Six has commited morally ambiguous acts. In spite of succeeding in escaping from The Maw, she may have crossed the Moral Event Horizon for the deaths and destruction she left behind.


Not much is explained about Six' backstory or situation in general, but it's stated in her bio on [Little Nightmares website] that she "belongs elsewhere", implying that she used to live somewhere else before she arrived at the Maw. Her backstory is further explored in the comics. Six originally lived in an unnamed city, until she was captured by a large man in a trenchcoat and unwillingly brought to the Maw.

The Maw where her story take place is a large floating entertainment facility in the middle of the ocean that specializes in imprisoning children (for unspecified but implied reasons), and hosting massive annual banquets for particularly gluttonus travelers. The children are guarded by a blind but perceptive and dangerous man/humanoid creature simply known as the Janitor.


In the beginning of the game, Six awakens deep in the bowels of a ship and starts to search for an exit, apparently having escaped captivity and being and on the run. Upon waking from a dream, Six begins to make her way back to the outside, but soon finds herself stricken by hunger-pains that severely weaken her. Another child sees her and throws her a piece of bread to help.

The Janitor discovers that she has escaped, and the two of them have a long game of cat and mouse in the lower parts of the Maw, until Six manages to defeat him by severing his arms from his body with an elevator-door, leaving the abomination to either bleed to death or suffering as he was dependant on his long arms to fully perceive his surroundings. She then transcends through the Maw.

Unfortunately, she is again stricken by hunger-pains, which she sates by devouring a living rat. Consuming a rat however, was the beginning of her character development into the titular nightmarish character.

Entering the kitchen, Six confronts a couple of twin chefs that are in charge of preparing the Maws annual feast. The chefs perceives Six as an intruder and try to catch her much the same way as the janitor, but she finally eludes them by grabbing onto one of the moving hooks on the ceiling that transports meat. Once she finally reach the window to the outside world, that's when she figure out that the place she trapped in was a hellish restaurant.

By the time Six enters the guest area, the area is full of obese visitors of the Maw who gorge themselves on several tons of food. The event is hosted by The Maw's proprietor, a woman simply known as "The Lady," who watches the guests from a distance. The guests seems to be driven mad by gluttony and even attempt to eat Six, but once again, her speed and agility allow her to escape.

But then Six's hunger-pains return. She encounters one of Nomes - actually another child transformed by The lady - who offers her a sausage, but instead, she unexpectedly pushes the sausage aside and feasts on the Nome. Six's cold blood murder on that Nome marks the breaking point where her experience and horrors proved too much for her that she lost her innocence and becoming something that no better than the rest of the restaurant's patrons was only option to escape from The Maw.

After that, Six follows the Lady up to her living quarters, where she is eventually discovered. After escaping once, she finds a mirror that seems to have a harmful effect once directed upon the menacing mistress. The two of them have an unorthodox duel, until the Lady loses her strength and falls to the floor. At that moment, Six's hunger-pains strike again, and she bites down on her fallen opponent's neck.

After consuming the Lady's flesh and blood, Six discovered that she somehow gained Lady's ability to drain other people's life-force and manipulating darkness. With no time to lose, she uses this power to kill all of the guests, and then leaves through the Maw's main entrance, disappearing into the sunlight while a few Nomes watch. On the surface, Six patiently awaits rescue as a boat's horn is heard in the distance.



Six is much smaller than the adult characters of the game, being barely a third of their height with extremely thin limbs. She wears a bright, yellow raincoat that ends just above her knees with three buttons, two pockets and a triangular hood. Up close, she has black hair with bangs that completely obscure her eyes, only revealing her tiny nose and mouth. Her feet and hands are bare.


Like the other characters in Little Nightmares, Six does not speak, but her personality is shown through her actions. Six frequently displays the characteristics of an anti-hero. She does not seem to care about saving the other children trapped aboard the Maw and will do whatever it takes to survive and escape the resort by herself, with little or no help from anyone else. She has an insatiable hunger due to The Maw's scarce food supply and hostile environment, and will eat virtually anything to satisfy it, with her diet gradually becoming darker and more desperate over the course of the game. On one occasion, a friendly Nome offered the starving Six a sausage to eat. Instead, she chose to feast on the Nome, having realized what the meat is made of while displaying a clear indifference to killing.

Despite her apathy and animalistic cravings as result of her ordeals, Six displays a high level of intelligence and cunning, being clever enough to evade and/or hide from her pursuers due to her inferior size. She was a proficient puzzle solver, frequently throwing objects at buttons she couldn't reach normally and, towards the end of the game, incapacitated the Lady using a mirror, having somehow deduced the weakness from all the shattered mirrors around her living quarters. After killing the Lady and absorbing her powers, however, Six truly begins to live up to the game's title.