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The Six-God Generals are the secondary antagonists (not counting Asch) in the video game Tales of the Abyss and its anime adaptation. They were a group lead by Van Grants to help achieve his goal.


Dist the Reaper

Main article: Dist

English: Liam O'Brien  Japanese: Kazuki Yao

Dist doesn't fight directly: instead, he uses giant robots. He often calls himself "Dist the Rose", though Jade calls him "Dist the Runny". At some point in the story, he made Grand Mastro Mohs into a monster in order to make Mohs a new Fon Master. Dist was the only member to not die.

Legretta the Quick

English: Cindy Robinson  Japanese: Mika Ito

Main article: Legretta

Legretta acts as Van's subordinate. In the past, she was originally Tear's tough instructor. Legretta fights by using her sword and gun. In the end, she was killed off in battle by Luke and the others.

Largo the Black Lion

Main article: Largo (Tales of the Abyss)

Largo is often seen with Arietta and/or Sync. In the past, it was shown that he was somehow related to Natalia. During the story, he also acted as a heavy fighter and Arietta's close friend. Largo fights with a heavy axe. In the end, he was defeated in combat at the Absorption Gate.

English: Jamieson Prince  Japanese: Tessho Genda

Arietta the Wild

Main Article: Arietta

Arietta and Largo are often seen together. Arietta uses magic and her monsters to fight in battle. When her parents died, the Liger Queen found her and raised her. However, when Luke and the others killed her for the food shortage at Engeve, Arietta became upset and declared revenge against them. She had Ion kidnapped at Choral Castle just so they would come over. Later, she took Anise's parents and demanded that Anise would have a duel with her in Cheagle Woods, which she accepts. In the end, Arietta died in battle.

English: Kate Higgins  Japanese: Satsuki Yukino

Sync the Tempest

Main Article: Sync

Sync is a masked replica that later turned out to resemble Ion as well as being able to mimic his voice. He can move swiftly and uses his fists as weapons. In the end, he was defeated in combat after overexerting his body.

English: Erin Fitzgerald  Japanese: Ikue Otani (game) Yumiko Kobayashi (anime)

Asch the Bloody (formerly)

English: Yuri Lowenthal  Japanese: Chihiro Suzuki

Though he started out as one of them, he acted more of an anti-hero. Asch is the original being over Luke who kept treating him badly. He repeatedly tried to stop Luke from what Van was having him do: tricking Luke into destroying Akzeriuth. After that, Asch had been an ally throughout the story. He fights with a sword. In the end, after being trapped in the same room with Luke, Asch was stabbed by a few Oracle Knight replicas and sacrificed himself to let Luke go, meaning that Luke was more than just a replica.

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