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The Six Fingers is the main antagonistic faction in the the anime and manga series Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun!).

they are a group of terrorists that affiliated with Baal's movement in regards to reforming the current system of the Netherworld. Their current leader is Amy Kirio, and if acting independently, Wett.



The Six Fingers was founded by Baal at the unknown period to aid his plan to overthrown the current government of the netherworld and bring its back to the age of violence ("The strong survive and the weak die").

Walter Park arc

The first mentioned of the Six Fingers is when a group of prisoner planned to escape from the prison by ask for help from them and the only one who contact with them is Amy. The six fingers terrorize Walter Park by release trio of magical beasts to destroy Walter Park and let the prisoners escape in the chaos. Luckily, Iruma and his friend are in the park and defeated all magical beasts. In the escape plan, all of the prisoners can't escape except Amy, Amy revealed to all of his inmate that he is the leader of the six fingers. Amy mocking them that they are idiot puppet in his plan, making all of the inmates despair. Later while escaping, Amy see Iruma and suddenly knowing that Iruma save the park, while wanting to face withiruma, the phone from baal interrupt him and told Amy to get back to the base. Fascinated by his sadist personality and feelings for Iruma, Amy believing that he and Iruma are arch enemies. Now, Amy swears that he will be the archenemy of Iruma.

Post-Harvest Festival arc

Its later revealed that Ocho are the one who manipulated Oborus Coco to harm several students in the Harvest Festival. Later Ocho got erasing Coco memeries about him and shot by Bars Robin who detected the intruder. Ocho escaped to the Baal's mansion and send Iruma's conversation record to Baal and know the truth that Iruma is human. To aid Baal's plan and Kirio's disire to make Iruma despair, Six Fingers now preparing to hunt Iruma.

Post-Familiar Invocation arc

Ator and Shida are sent to the Babyls demon school undercover to pose as new teachers for the abnormal class and to enter the Royal One Hall to steal some remnant item from the old demon king Delkira as part of Baal's plan, they also had the order to be able to eliminate some of the students if they suspect something (even Baal's nephew, Sabnock), with the exception of Sullivan's grandson, Iruma, since Baal mentions he has special plans for him, so Baal also ordered that in the case that Iruma becomes suspicious of them, they steal Delkira's relics and kidnap Iruma. After meeting with the students and also that Shida had a somewhat uncomfortable reunion with Iruma, Ator and Shida remember Baal's orders, Shida seems somewhat insecure with the part of kidnapping Iruma, Ator tries to revive her a bit, but then they are surprised by Professor Balam who wanted to talk to them for a moment.