Sixshot is a Decepticon able to assume six different transformed states and an antagonist in The Transformers cartoon.

He later reappears as a major antagonist in the Japanese followup series The Headmasters.


The Transformers

Sixshot is first seen as one of the Decepticons attacking Cybertron to seize control of the Plasma Energy Chamber. When the Aerialbots showed up to halt them from progressing, Galvatron summoned Sixshot to fend them off. Taking on all five members of the team all at once, Sixshot defeated each of them individually using his five alternate modes. He shot down Air Raid while in tank mode, flew up and defeated Fireflight in his beast mode, landed and transformed to armored car mode to shoot down Slingshot, switched to jet mode to shoot Skydive before transforming into his gun mode which Cyclonus used to shoot down Silverbolt. Once all five were defeated, Sixshot reverted back to his robot mode, unfazed by his victory.

Transformers: The Headmasters

Sixshot appears as Galvatron's new chief lieutenant, usurping the role from Cyclonus and Scourge. He also soon became the arch-enemy of the Autobot Ultra Magnus, culminating in a battle at Autobot City where Sixshot fatally wounded him using his hidden seventh mode, the Wingwolf. Right as Ultra Magnus was dying, the Autobot Headmasters arrived and drove him off.

He was initially loyal to Galvatron until the Emperor of Destruction revealed that he intended to become another Unicron by converting the Earth into his body using parts from the strongest Transformers to assemble a massive new frame for it to become "Grand Galvatron".

After Sixshot was told by Galvatron that he would be the first warrior Galvatron would incorporate into his body, Sixshot forged an alliance with the Headmaster leader Scorponok to overthrow Galvatron. The two faked a battle to draw out the Autobots arrived on the scene as well. Fleeing the scene, Sixshot left Galvatron alone to battle the Autobot Headmasters, leading to the four defeating Galvatron by burying him beneath the icefields of Alaska.

Though managing to avert being killed by Galvatron, Sixshot did not remain loyal to Scorponok for too long either. After the Headmaster attempted to kill off both him and the Autobots with explosives, Sixshot turned against Scorponok and after learning about the new Decepticon leader's plans assisted the Autobots in their final battle against him.


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