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Sizz-Lorr is an antagonist from the cartoon show Invader Zim, only appearing in the episode called "The Frycook What Came From All That Space".

He was voiced by Jim Ward.


Sizz-Lorr is an Irken alien and the owner and Frylord of a restaurant on the planet Foodcourtia. He has a particular hatred for his fellow Irken Zim, who was once his employee, but escaped just at the time of the "Foodening", forcing Sizz-Lorr to do all of the work himself for 20 years straight.

When Sizz-Lorr found out that Zim was on Earth, he went after him in his battle suit and captured him, taking him back to Foodcourtia. There Zim was placed under labor for 20 years and a Zim-proof force field implanted around the resturant. Sizz-Lorr enjoyed tormenting Zim during this time, putting loads of gross an difficult work upon him.

Zim eventually found a way to escape, however, and left Foodcourtia just as the Foodening began, leaving Sizz-Lorr stuck working for 20 years yet again, and vowing revenge.



  • Due the series' cancellation, it remains unknown if Sizz-Lorr was intended to be a recurring antagonist like Tak or if he was always intended to be just a one-shot character.


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