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Skalidor is the Serpentine General of the Constrictai Tribe, and a supporting character in LEGO: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


As soon as Pythor stole a map of the locations of the Serpentine tombs from Lloyd, he released Skalidor and his tribe with the goal of taking revenge on the people of Ninjago when they were locked underground. And for that, all the Serpentine tribes had to release the Great Devourer, even though they did not know that the Great Devourer would even consume them. And when they got all four Fangblades and Pythor released the Great Devourer, the Serpentine fled underground to safety. But when Lord Garmadon destroyed the Great Devourer, he subjugated the Serpentine to serve him, until Garmadon began to seek the Dark Island, in which they betrayed him. When the Serpentine found the tomb of the Stone Army of Overlord and the warriors awoke, they were locked in their grave. Soon after, they gave up on bad intentions and decided to become better. And they even helped the Ninja fight Master Chen and his army.



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