He's not a student! He's an overgrown lemon!
~ Skeebo talking about Pac-Man.

Skeebo is an recurring antagonist in the series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He is the local school bully that constantly picks on Pac-Man.


Skeebo, like Lord Betrayus, has a huge dislike for Pac-Man mainly due to Pac-Man's eating habits and popularity. As seen in the first episode, he attempted to punch Pac-Man after eating all of the food at lunch. Skeebo is also shown to be very arrogant failing to listen to reason even when the situation is already appearing to be dire.

Skeebo is also shown to be a coward as he ran away screaming from a ghost not bothering to help anyone else.

Also, as seen in the episode "Heebo-Skeebo", Skeebo grows to be incredibly jealous of Pac-Man and even steals his power berries to become a super hero himself. However, he failed miserbly as one and decided not to try and be a hero anymore.

Given the statements above, Skeebo enjoys bullying Pac-Man and loves to humilate him in anyway possible.


Skeebo is an average-sized Pac-citzen that is blue in color. He also wears a white jacket and shoes.

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