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Do you see this face? Once this was a beautiful face, but then came knowledge.
~ SkekLach
That wasn't so bad.
~ SkekLach shortly before his death at the hands of Darkened Deet.

SkekLach is the Skeksis' Collector and a major antagonist in the 2019 Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. His mystic counterpart is UrSen the Monk. He is SkekOk's best friend.

He was performed by Helena Smee, with Awkwafina providing his voice.


SkekLach, along with the other Skeksis, attended the gathering to draw energy from the Dark Crystal in order to prolong his lifespan, although the process eventually failed. However, unlike his panicking brethren, he isn't surprised to see the Crystal fail to sustain himself and the other Skeksis, as it had failed for days beforehand. SkekLach later traveled, along with SkekOk, to Ha'rar to collect offerings in a tithing ceremony, and coming back disappointed at the "piteous tithes" they received from the Gelflings.

Following the draining of a Gelfling named Mira, SkekLach is among the rest celebrating the event and soon supported Emperor SkekSo and General SkekVar to harvest all essence drained from captive Gelflings, even managing to kill an Arathim when some of the Gelflings escaped.

The Collector later participated in the battle of Stone-in-the-Wood with the others, fighting and fending off the Gelflings until he is killed by Deet through her unleashing the Darkening.



  • SkekLach's appearance in the prequel differs from his debut appearance in Legends of the Dark Crystal, as he originally had a mechanized arm and a scarred face in the comics.
    • In addition, the Legends of the Dark Crystal version is more competent and vile, and also has the favor of Emperor SkekSo rather than said favor be given to SkekVar as shown in Age of Resistance.
    • Another detail from the comics that is left out of the prequel series is how the Collector use creatures called spyeyes to turn prisoners into unwilling spies for the Skeksis.


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