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SkekOk the Scroll-Keeper kept the record of the Skeksis; he was the smallest, finest-featured, least honest of them all. He wrote and rewrote his accounts, and kept changing them to please one or another of his shifting allies. The truth was soon lost.
~ The World of the Dark Crystal
(Brea: No, you can't do this!) And yet it is already done. (Brea: You're all monsters!) Have you only just figured that out? Perhaps you are not so clever after all.
~ SkekOk mocking Brea for understanding too late the true nature of the Skeksis, thus betraying his trust on his former admirer.

SkekOk is the court Scroll Keeper for the Skeksis and one of the supporting antagonists in The Dark Crystal. His mirror image amongst the Mystics is UrAc the Scribe. He is Brea's former idol.

He was performed by Bob Payne, with John Baddeley providing his voice. In the 2019 prequel series, he is performed and voiced by Neil Sterenberg.


SkekOk is shown to be much shorter and a bit small compared to the other Skeksis; however his depiction in Age of Resistance have him slightly taller, towering over SkekLach. He wears a mix dark brown and tan robe with pleated, printed covers said to resemble the pages of a book and two pairs of rounded glasses and a monocle, which is a key trait of his.


Early character plans focus on a two-sided personality of SkekOk: "When head projects out of collar, he assumes an academic, pedantic tone. When head retreats into collar, he assumes other persona - babbling, cackling, childlike, falls asleep like dormouse.". The World of the Dark Crystal mentions that SkekOk is the least honest of all of the Skeksis.


The Scroll Keeper is the smallest of the Skeksis, a fact which gets him picked on and laughed at. Yet SkekOk has his own power, he is able to rewrite the Skeksi histories to suit his allegiances and propaganda needs—which he does. SkekOk's traditional loyalty is to the Ritual Master SkekZok.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

SkekOk and the other Skeksis attended the gathering to draw energy from the Dark Crystal in order to prolong his lifespan, despite the process failing to do so. He later traveled, along with SkekLach, to Ha'rar to collect offerings in a tithing ceremony. On the way there, SkekOk meets Brea when she tripped in front of the carriage; he offered her a ride in due to her being a princess and the daughter of the All-Maudra Mayrin. En route, he notices the ink on her face and, surprised that she can read and write, explains his role as the Scroll-Keeper of the Skeksis' "endless" library, containing tomes going back over 1,000 trine. Brea expresses interest in visiting; however, SkekLach angrily rejects the idea, declaring the knowledge forbidden and warning her that attempting pursuit for knowledge would have resulted in the same facial disfigurement he had, only for SkekOk to insultingly remind the Collector that he was never beautiful.

As the Skeksis with Brea arrived at the Citadel, SkekOk was given a hug by the princess, much to his bewilderment, before proceeding to start the ceremony. During the tithing, he pretended to be deeply saddened by a poor farmer's refusal to give up an heirloom to compensate for the lack of crops caused by the Darkening, manipulating the other Gelfling into pressuring him into surrendering the item; SkekOk later gave the heirloom to Mayrin for her services. When he and SkekLach returned to the Castle of the Crystal, both arrived to see the Scientist SkekTek being accused of allowing Rian to escape with essence, and SkekOk soon then participated in the punishment ritual.

The Dark Crystal

Following the death of SkekSo, he was among the other Skeksis spectating SkekSil and SkekUng dueling in Trial by Stone and is present when the former was banished out of the Castle. Later on as the Chamberlain holds a captive Kira, SkekOk vouched for the Gelfling to be drained of her essence in support of SkekUng's decision to both drain and kill Kira.

During the Third Great Conjunction, SkekOk was absorbed by UrAc as they merged into the UrSkek OkAc.


The UrRu!
~ SkekOk when he sees the arrival of the Mystics
Why do Gelfling hurt us so? Skeksis give so much and ask so, so little! It breaks our hearts. Sad! So sad!
~ SkekOk during the tithing ceremony.


The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


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