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Between SkekUng the Garthim-Master and SkekSil the Chamberlain there was bitter rivalry, for SkekSil hoped his smiling poison and suspicious craft would lead him, not SkekUng, to succeed to the Emperor's glory. Both were deceived.
~ The World of the Dark Crystal

SkekSil is the Chamberlain of the SkekSès and one of the two main antagonists in The Dark Crystal (The other being SkekUng). As Chamberlain, SkekSil was second in line to the Skeksi throne. His counterpart of the Mystics is UrSol the Chanter.

He was performed by Frank Oz, with the late Barry Dennen providing his voice.


He wears a red and black robe with a large red hump plated in sharp edges, a black lace-filled collar, and robe accents.


SkekSil is sly and speaks in a wheedling voice that the other Skeksis loathe. However, if looked further, he is at least intelligent judging by his mannerisms and how SkekSil schemes to capture one of the two Gelflings.


The most well-known of all the Skeksis, SkekSil played a major role in The Dark Crystal. After the death of the emperor SkekSo, his greed and lust for power led to a challenge by the Garthim-Master, SkekUng the General, when he decided to crown himself the new self-appointed emperor. Without hesitation, SkekUng confronted SkekSil and issued the challenge for supremacy. The Chamberlain responded by declaring the challenge be a Trial By Stone. After the battle, the Chamberlain was stripped of his clothes and declared an outcast by the High Priest as punishment for losing to the new emperor, SkekUng.

Just as soon as the Chamberlain lost his place among the Skeksis, the remaining clan learned that the Gelfling, Jen, had escaped. As SkekSil saw it, this was his chance to prove himself to his fellow Skeksis. With the unauthorized help of the new emperor's Garthim, he traveled to the the home of Aughra, where the Garthim tracked the gelfling's location. After the Garthim demolished Aughra's home in an attempt to capture the gelfling, SkekSil plotted to lure Jen to the castle.

Later, as one of the Garthim attempts to capture Jen and his new companion Kira, SkekSil holds off the Garthim long enough for the Gelflings to escape. After the Gelflings find the ruins of their lost civilization and read the prophecy, SkekSil tries to convince them to go with him to the castle in order to "make peace" with the Skeksis.

The Gelflings reject the offer; however, after Jen and Kira sneak into the castle, SkekSil corners them and attempts to force them into going with him to the throne. As a last resort, Jen stabs the Chamberlain. Angered by this action, SkekSil tries to kill Jen by burying him in a pile of stones. While seemingly ending Jen's life, he grabs Kira and takes her to the throne to redeem himself and show his dedication to the emperor. After presenting his prize to the emperor, the Chamberlain is reinstated and remains in favor until Jen heals the crystal, and the Mystics and Skeksis are reunited as the UrSkeks. SkekSil was combined with his counterpart UrSol to form the UrSkek SilSol.

The Power of the Dark Crystal

SkekSil returns in the sequel series along with the other Skeksis, later becoming the major antagonist. As soon as they appear however, SkekUng and the other Skeksis declared that SkekSil is to blame for their imprisonment; thus, using the Crystal Sceptre, the Ritual Master SkekZok summoned the Crystal Bats again to exile the Chamberlain, tearing his robes until he is reduced to rags once again. SkekSil later witness the quarrel between the Skeksis and the Gelfling guards before leaving.

The Chamberlain at some point was seemingly stuck between some rocks, not long before meeting Kensho and Thurma, the latter who is a Fireling holding the crystal shard.


It's time to make.. my move.
~ SkekSil discussing his plans to take the throne.
(SkekUng: I challenge!) Hmmm? Hmmm... Trial by Stone?
I'd knew you would come. Do not be afraid. I'm here to help to you, yes. Come, show them Gelflings live with Skeksis together in peace. Please..
~ SkekSil pleading for Jen and Kira to come with him for the last time.
Gelfling, YOU DIE!!
~ SkekSil to Jen before causing a cave-in to bury the Gelfling and taking Kira with him.
Royal sire. I bring you.. Gelfling.
~ SkekSil as he shows his capture of Kira the Gelfling to SkekUng.


  • Pre-production notes for the film describe the Chamberlain as "resembling an overstuffed chair, with springs, sawdust, horsehair, webbing, sacking, and underfelt layered under a carapace of carved animal limbs and a collar like a headboard."


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