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And never forget: There is absolutely nothing in this world that does not bend.. to my will.
~ SkekSo to SkekVar
I..I..I..I.. am.. still emperor...
~ SkekSo's last words before he died.
The Skeksis joined nothing except to make new combinations of evil. SkekSo the Emperor in the first days of his glory proclaimed otherwise; he held court not only over the Skeksis but over many Gelfling that went to serve in the castle. They shone in his glory; they carved and sang and painted and danced from the pleasure of the court. On all the days of feasting the Emperor led the processions and the dances of life and pleasure; his voice heard above a multitude; and always in the tournaments he bore down all rivals. In those days the Skeksis were still radiant with energy, never still. But that radiance diminished as their true nature showed and worsened; none was more terribly changed than the Emperor. His power he kept till the end; no other Skeksis held ascendancy other than through SkekSo's favor, easily withdrawn.
~ The World of the Dark Crystal

SkekSo is the main antagonist of The Dark Crystal franchise. He serves as a minor antagonist in The Dark Crystal, and the main antagonist in the 2019 Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. He was the Emperor of the Skeksis and his spiritual other half in the film is the Mystic master, UrSu. In the film, SkekSo is only seen shortly before his death.

In the film, he was performed by the late Jim Henson, with the late Jerry Nelson providing his voice. In the prequel series, he is performed by Dave Chapman, with Jason Isaacs providing his voice, the latter who also played Lucius Malfoy and the Basilisk in the Harry Potter franchise, Ra's al Ghul in Batman: Under the Red Hood, Dick Dastardly in Scoob!, Satan in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot, Admiral Zhao in Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars: Rebels, Captain Hook in the 2003 Peter Pan film and Dr. Heinreich Volmer in A Cure for Wellness.


In the early trine of his reign, SkekSo was originally an energetic ruler who enjoyed lavish festivity and sporting events, which he invariably won (as described in "The World of the Dark Crystal"). However, as he aged, he became cruel, paranoid, aggressive and spiteful, even toward his fellow Skeksis, elevating individuals to high positions only to depose them afterwards.

In Age of Resistance, SkekSo is very cruel and sadistic, as shown when he is the only Skeksis to laugh at Mira's draining while the others watch in shock or awe. He seems to be in favor of the Hunter SkekMal, commanding SkekTek to find a way to revive him. Like the other Skeksis, SkekSo is a completely despicable individual and has no respect for the lives of others, it is seen when Seladon, the most loyal of the Gelflings towards the Skeksis respectfully begs him to spare her kind, SkekSo responds just "no" without even thinking about the request before he and the other Skeksis make fun of the young Gelfling in a grim way, showing that he is only a heartless creature. Unlike the other Skeksis, SkekSo lacks honorable traits, comedic moments and pragmatism as he would cross any line to achieve his goals.

SkekSo feared death and wanted to achieve immortality; he cares not much for his entire race, but hates to think of the concept that if Skeksis can die, then he too can die. This is the reason why he wanted SkekMal to be saved by any means necessary. SkekSo also does not put his own health first, willingly taking the Darkening and letting it mutilate his body, showing his carelessness for the sake of others, as well for his own. He was also cowardly, as he refused to fight Rian when he challenged the Emperor to a duel during the second Battle of Stone-in-the-wood. By the time of The Dark Crystal, SkekSo is still desperate to stay emperor and cling onto power, despite being on his deathbed, as he grabbed his sceptor from SkekSil and proclaimed he was still emperor before his death.


SkekSo, shortly before he crumbled to dust, was shown to have a frail physique in the film, having rotting flesh, ulcers, and a part of his beak reduced to decay. He wears a white linen dress.

In Age of Resistance (in his prime as emperor), SkekSo has pale skin, icy blue eyes, cheekbones, and a bit more built frame in comparison to his appearance in the movie. He wears semi-frilled heavy black robes with a large reticello-like collar containing ornate spikes on the outer edge, a black balaclava that covers his ears, neck, and hair, leaving his face exposed with a metal sickle blade-shaped headpiece on the top of his head, and several gold rings to accommodate his red fingerless gloves. SkekSo most notably sports a specially crafted beak prosthetic to cover his actual beak, which decomposed due to his experimenting with the Darkening.



SkekSo had ruled the Skeksis since the split of the Crystal, and the division of the UrSkeks. Initially, SkekSo's reign was a benevolent one, as he shined with glory, leading feast processions and dances, and also beating all his rivals in tournaments. As the Skeksis aged and diminished, SkekSo's authority is kept through favoritism and suspicion. However when the beginning of his declining health came, SkekSo started ordering the enslavement of both Gelflings and Podlings to drain their essence so it can be drank by him.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

SkekSo and his fellow Skeksis went to replenish themselves and cheat death yet again. However, SkekVar noted that the Crystal was failing them once more, and SkekLach saying that nothing happened to day just like the day before. SkekSo, annoyed, yells for them to stop whining. However, SkekAyuk argues that the crystal is failing them. SkekSo assured his fellow Skeksis that the Scientist, SkekTek, is working on something as they speak, something SkekTek confirms. SkekSo notes that they have ruled for an age and will rule for all ages to come before sending them off.

As Skekso is walking way, SkekTek called the Emperor, who stopped and annoyed, asked what the problem was. SkekTek told SkekSo that they were not even close to making a breakthrough. Enraged, SkekSo ordered SkekTek to find a solution to the problem as the Scientist yelled he would not fail. Unknown to the two of them, SkekSil was listening and later helped SkekTek figure out that they needed to drain essense from Gelflings.

When he extracted essence from Mira, SkekSo was the only one who laughed through the whole process. Suddenly, they were aware of Rian's presence when one of his tears landed on one of the Skeksis. SkekSo figured he watched Mira being drained of her essence. SkekSo ordered his capture but Rian managed to escape from the catacombs. SkekSo worried Rian would tell the other Gelflings but SkekSil reassured the Emperor that the Gelflings will not believe him.

During this time, SkekSo was channeling the Darkening in a staff that contained a crystal connected to the Crystal of Truth.

Later tired of getting no results when Rian was not captured, SkekSo replaced SkekSil with SkekVar as his council whil deciding to label Rian a diseased fugitive. After the All-Maudra's death when she learned the truth, SkekSo saw SkekVar's murder of Mayrin as a reason not to continue relations with the Gelfling and attempted to enter an alliance with the Arathim and knowingly sent them back to Grot, fully aware that the Darkening would kill them. When they failed and learned they were outnumbered due to the Battle at Stone-in-the-Wood, SkekSo commissioned SkekTek to create the Garthim, a group of obedient warriors.

When SkekSo learned of the prophecy that foretold that a Gelfling would end the Skeksis' rule, he then ordered their complete extermination.

The Dark Crystal

After the Garthim Wars, his condition nevertheless continued deteriorating, with SkekSo's sight soon weakened and his body rotting with ulcers. He then eventually died before he would be given a further 999 and one trine of life to live from the Ceremony of the Sun.

Though not shown, in a deleted scene, the Emperor's remains were gathered and then placed into an ornate casket. The three highest-ranking Skeksis (SkekZok, SkekSil, and SkekUng) carried the casket to the mausoleum, with the others following in single file. The casket is then set on top of a small pedestal before SkekZok removed a ring from the contents. The remains are eventually cremated by the Skeksis throwing burning rocks.

Afterwards, SkekSo was ultimately succeeded by SkekUng the Garthim Master as the new Emperor of the Skeksis, unfortunately, the reign of his successor only lasted a few days because Jen healed the Dark Crystal and reunited the Skeksis with the Mystics.


We are Lords of the Crystal. We have ruled for an age and will rule for all ages yet to come. We are eternal!
~ SkekSo reminds his congener that they are immortal.
Tonight, we celebrate! Let us feast! Music! Revelry! For this day, the Skeksis conquered death!
~ SkekSo declaring the Skeksis's victory of finding a way to live longer from the drained essence.
The General is right. I need results, not talk! (SkekSil: But, Emperor, my sire.) Be silent, or I will silence you. (SkekSil: But but why? I did not start fight.) You talk too much. Talk, talk, talk! We rot while you chatter! (SkekSil: Sire, my plan is working. I just need more time.) More time, more words. more nothing! (SkekSil: Forgive. Forgive.) Forgiveness is for the feeble. I need a new counsel. A counselor who understands how to wield power. (SkekVar: Yes.) General? You will take Chamberlain's place at my side. (SkekVar: I am honored, sire.) No! You are commanded. Do what the Chamberlain has failed to do.
~ Skekso rejects SkekSil for failures and chooses SkekVar to replace him.
Chamberlain! I see you standing here, but no Rian. What do you have to say before I punish you for your continued failure? (SkekSil: As you celebrate, Gelfling of Stone-in-Wood rebel. An entire clan has taken arms against Skeksis. I was drawn into heated battle. I face grave danger. I fought my way out at own personal risk to bring you this report.) Bah! Stone-in-the-Wood you say? (SkekSil: Yes. Yes! Because of General's blundering violence! Bah (SkekVar: Nonsense.) (SkekSil: SkekVar killed All-Maudra against Emperor's wishes. Caused all of this. Order is upended.) HA HA HA HA. (The other Skeksis laugh in their turn) The General has set us free. Never again will the Skeksis have to bear the burden of pretending to care for these useless Gelfling. (SkekVar: We will take what is ours without games or pretense.) We will rule forever! (SkekSil: But But, Emperor.) (SkekVar: Emperor. The Chamberlain here may've inadvertently provided us with our next meal. The Stonewoods' defiance is all the justification we need to clear them out of their village and into our larders!) We must have more essence!
~ SkekSo is delighted to no longer have to pretend to care about the Gelfins after they have discovered the true diabolical nature of the Skeksis, if that means more essence.
(SkekVar: Disgusting. I don't understand why you brought me down here) Patience, General. Summon the Ascendency. (SkekVar: But they are a sworn enemy.) Not for long. […] (Ascendency: The Ascendancy hears your call! We are all Arathim as one.) Greetings, Ascendancy. (Asendency: Emperor.) (Male Arathim: Not welcome!) But I have come to offer you a way out of the wilds and back into our good graces, in spite of your ill-fated rebellion. (Ascendency: We are listening.) The Gelfling have turned... hmm, unruly. You will crush them, gather them, bring them to me. (Ascendency: Why should we do as you ask?) Become a fist for the Skeksis, and I shall return your ancestral home: the Caves of Grot. (Ascendency: Of Grot! The Arathim Ascendancy accepts your offer, but the Gelfling will simply walk themselves into your grasp.) (SkekVar: How is this possible? ) (Ascendency: Bring us a Gelfling. A strong one. Then you will understand?) We have an army.
~ SkekSo requesting and then winning the allegiance of the Ascendency.
Enough! The All-Maudra was a shepherd. Now, it's time to harvest the herd!
~ SkekSo before he and the other Skeksis humiliate Seladon.
SkekMal must not die!
~ SkekSo refusing that SkekMal, one of the strongest Skeksis dies.
(SkekVar: We were betrayed. The Arathim have turned against us and sided with the Gelfling.) (SkekLach: Yeah. It's a good thing I was there to teach those disgusting critters a lesson.) More grave news. (SkekVar:All is not lost, Emperor. The Chamberlain has a plan.) I thought you'd had enough of the Chamberlain's plans, General? (SkekVar: SkekSil saved my life. Our enemies join against us. We must put our squabbles aside for the good of all Skeksis.) (SkekSil: General was right. Gelfling must be crushed. Gelfling are plague upon Thra, upon Skeksis. Can be no peace while Gelfling live. Must be war.) (SkekZok: Wars require soldiers. We have lost the Arathim.) (SkekSil: Yes, because Skeksis have been too kind. Give Gelfling everything, they want more. Think loyalty can be bought or demanded. But not true. Can only be built. And so I bring friend General a plan. (SkekVar: Sire, imagine an army of unstoppable soldiers, engineered to be loyal.) [To SkekTek] Could you build such a thing? (SkekTek: Ah, I relish such a challenge, Emperor. But one cannot make something from nothing.[SkekSil drags a carcass of Arathim.] (SkekSil: Here is your something. Arathim reanimated by Scientist's machines. Made into soulless fearless instruments of death.) (SkekTek: It might be possible to surgically graft the cadavers into a new, larger specimen.) (SkekVar: Giant Arathim?) (SkekSil: Very good.) Build my army! Every resource shall be yours. (SkekTek: Yes, Emperor.) And, Chamberlain. You have earned your place again at our table.
~ SkekSo giving permission for the creation of a new armies that will later become the Garthims, while restoring SkekSil in his favors.
That's enough! Silence! Your pathetic rebellion can only end in ruin! (Rian: Then why do you tremble?) Disrespectful peon! Your lives are but a speck waiting to be swept away. Be assured, any Gelfling that stand with you in battle will join you in the grave. (Rian: Bring your weapons! Bring your Skeksis and meet your destiny!)
~ SkekSo declares war on Rian and all the Gelfins who will dare to stand up against the Skeksis.
Cowards! Let the chattel have their toy. Let them think they stand a chance against us. But hear me, Lords of the Crystal, Regents of Thra, all powerful Skeksis. Yes! At dawn, we descend on their pitiful village. Yes! We will crush their nascent rebellion before it takes root, grind these defiant Gelfling to dust, destroy the Dual Glaive, and feast upon their essence!
~ SkekSo assuring his loyal Skeksis that they will destroy the Geflins's resistance.
(SkekVar: Forgive me, Emperor.) Leave. You failed me.
~ SkekSo angry at a SkekVar weakened for failing to kill Rian, also their last conversation before SkekVar's death.
Mother Aughra, I suppose this was your plan all along. (Aughra: It was, Emperor. I wasn't sure it would work. Now, drag your leathery tails back to your castle and pray I punish you no further!) Hollow threats. Your hand trembles. You can barely stand! (Aughra: Yet I stand. Unlike the Hunter.) This changes nothing! You few Gelfling are no match for the Lords of the Crystal
~ SkekSo taunting Aughra and the Gelflings before they are joined by any other Gelflings people.
(SkekSis: Emperor, no choice. Skeksis must retreat. Cannot win!) I will not lose. No matter the cost! […] Behold the power of the Darkening!
~ SkekSo upon releasing said Darkening onto the Gelfling.


  • For the final deterioration of SkekSo, a puppet was made of a wax with high melting points so that it would crumble and melt away at different rates. Skeksis decompose so quickly because they have no soul to slow the process.
  • Although no performer was given a puppeteering credit for the Emperor in the film's ending credits, it can be inferred (based on information given in The Making of the Dark Crystal) that Jim Henson performed SkekSo.
  • SkekSo's use of the Darkening further weakened his life and body during the events of Age of Resistance, making it the possible cause of his death in the movie.
  • SkekSo is the darkest and most evil villain in the Muppet franchise.

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